IPS vs. 144Hz Display: Which Is Better in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

When shopping for LCDs, you can choose an IPS, TN, or VA panel. Each of these options offers perks that improve the gaming experience.

Most gamers tend to choose either an IPS or TN display due to their viewing angles and fast response rate.

Below is a breakdown of IPS vs. 144Hz displays.

IPS vs. 144Hz Displays

Here are the differences to expect from an IPS and 144Hz display.

Response Time

Initially, IPS displays had slower response times than TN displays, but newer versions have improved response times. But generally, TN 144Hz displays have faster response times.

Color Reproduction

IPS displays have wider viewing angles and gorgeous colours. They offer consistent colour reproduction and tend to have 10-bit colours.

Their colour accuracy makes them ideal for designers, artists, and immersive gaming.

Alternatively, TN displays don’t have the best colour reproduction; thus, you won’t get the best image possible on your TN 144Hz display.


IPS displays have better colour reproduction and viewing angles; thus, they tend to be pricier than TN displays. These displays look better overall, especially for gaming and productivity work.


For gaming, 144Hz displays have higher refresh rates and lower response times. They might not be pretty, but they have faster response times which is necessary for games that require fast reaction times.

gaming monitor
A monitor can be IPS and 144Hz

Does IPS Support 144Hz?

Yes, you can find an IPS display with a refresh of 144Hz or even higher. The development of IPS displays has improved over the last few years.

There are now 1080p 144Hz, 1440p 144Hz and even 4K 144Hz IPS displays.

Is 144Hz The Best?

You can get refresh rates higher than 144Hz, but it’s now the gold standard among gamers. It offers a better gaming experience for gamers.

When paired with IPS or TN, you can enjoy wider viewing angles and consistent colour reproduction or lower response times.

Is it the best refresh rate? No, there are 240Hz, 300Hz, and 360Hz refresh rates.

Is IPS OK for Gaming?

If you prefer the immersive experience of gorgeous colours, IPS displays are for you.

Playing titles like The Witcher 3, which has amazing landscapes, will look great on your IPS 144Hz display. You’ll get more accurate colours and viewing angles of up to 178 degrees.

The slower response times become the only drawback. If you play games that require faster reaction times, consider purchasing the TN display.

Alternatively, get a high-end IPS display and enjoy accurate colour reproduction and faster response times.

gaming monitor
IPS monitors are great for gaming

Is TN OK for Gaming?

For gamers that rely heavily on reaction times, TN displays are perfect. They have faster response times than IPS displays but poor colour reproduction.

You don’t get accurate colours on TN displays, which might diminish the immersive experience.

TN displays also have narrow viewing angles, which affect local multiplay games.

Final Thoughts- Are IPS Displays Worth It?

Yes, you’re getting better colour reproduction and wider viewing angles. If you spend more, you also get faster response rates.

For gamers with limited budgets, TN 144Hz displays are better. You lose accurate colours but get to enjoy the rest.

If you prefer higher refresh rates, choose VA panels as they can reach 360Hz. Their colour reproduction is slightly off compared to IPS displays but better than TN displays.