Is G-Sync Worth it in Games 2022?

Adaptive sync technology is one of the several solutions in eliminating visual distortions (ghosting, screen tearing and stuttering) in games. NVIDIA G-SYNC is an example of this technology. Each and every gamer has their own needs and different hardware when it comes to gaming. And as a gamer who is looking to maximise the gaming … Read more

How To Switch To External Monitor Mac Shortcut in 2022

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Pros and Cons of 27-inch Monitors in 2022

27-inch monitors are the next popular monitor size after 24-inches. Are 27-inch monitors worth it? The short answer is yes. But, that’s for 1080p resolutions and above. 27-inch monitors come with a lot of benefits that we shall outline below. Is It Worth It to Get A 27-Inch Monitor? Yes, 27-inch monitors are great for … Read more

Freesync vs. 144Hz: Which Is Better in 2022?

Would you choose a freesync or 144Hz monitor with the same resolution? Do you prioritize freesync or high refresh rate? Continue reading for an in-depth freesync vs. 144Hz comparison. Do I Need Freesync for PS5? No, you don’t need freesync for PS4 or PS5. Currently, Sony doesn’t support AMD freesync, but that might change with … Read more