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Technology is moving fast, making it harder for people to catch up. New processors, GPUs, cameras, printers, etc. are released every year adding more options to choose from.

This leads to analysis paralysis and time spent researching which product is better. There is also the search for solutions when one encounters a problem with their device.

We have all been there spending countless hours looking for that solution, only to find nothing.

That’s why we started Tech Consumer Guide – an encyclopedia for everything that covers technology.

As our valued readers, our aim is to cover useful topics about technology. How-to guides, solutions, comparisons, etc. to make technology easy to understand.

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A Few Topics We Cover in Tech Consumer Guide

PC, PC Components & Chromebooks

A repository that covers everything on PC, PC Components & Chromebooks.


Everything you need to know about headphones.

Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones & tablets are with us all the time. Get to know more about them here.

Smart Home

Smart homes are the new forms of homes. A complete guide and repository on what a smart home is and how to set it up.

Meet the team

As a lover of technology, Kelvin is the executive editor of Tech Consumer Guide. He spends most of his time tinkering with stuff and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and tech.

Kelvin Brown

Philip is the director of content and makes sure all information is factually correct or sound. Philip worked in IT for a few years and he is now working as a software engineer in a start-up company. He spends his free time hiking in the mountains.

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