What Is Hyper-V And What Is Its Use? [Answered]

Hyper-V is short for the hypervisor, which is software used to create and run virtual machines on x86-64 systems running windows.  It is also termed a virtual machine monitor(VMM). Hypervisors have two versions, that define the characteristics and how they virtualize. They are type 1 and type 2. TYPE 1: Referred to as bare-metal.  The … Read more

Do You Need a Good PC to Run a VM? [Answered]

Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual representation of physical computer hardware, storage and network resources. Hardware virtualization is one of the most common kind since it’s explained as the creation of a virtual machine to host a separate OS. Most people use hardware virtualization to use and also test applications on their supported … Read more

Is Rooting My Phone Worth It? [Answered]

Rooting your phone has its pros and cons. You gain unrestricted access to your smartphone by doing so and this opens so many possibilities for customizations. However, it can be a problem when improperly done. Is rooting a phone worth it? Read to know why it may or may not be. Is It Bad To … Read more

Do You Need Graphics Card For Game Development? [Answered]

Do you need a graphics card for game development? A graphics card is an important hardware for game development. It directly determines how demanding or complex the game you want to be developed to be. A weak graphics card won’t allow you to develop high resolution and demanding games. A powerful graphics card lets you … Read more