144Hz Vs. 165Hz Refresh in Monitors: Which Is Better in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

Gamers are having a difficult time choosing between 144Hz and 165Hz monitors. So, who wins the 144Hz Vs. 165Hz monitor battle?

Stick around as we compare both monitors, and you’ll have an easier time choosing your new monitor.

Is A 144Hz Monitor Different From A 165Hz Monitor?

144Hz and 165 monitors are both used for gaming. While the 165Hz panel has a higher refresh rate than a 144Hz monitor, it is not noticeable.

The slight difference in refresh rates may not have an impact when gaming.

However, you’ll enjoy a quicker response time using a 165Hz monitor.

Most people cannot tell or notice the difference between a 165Hz and 144Hz monitor. Unless you really need the extra refresh rate, you might as well stick to a 144Hz monitor.

Should I Get A 165Hz Or 144Hz Monitor?

If you are into competitive gaming and need higher refresh rates, invest in a 165Hz monitor. You can profit from the extra 21Hz when playing high FPS games on a competitive level.

Since the standard for gaming is 144Hz, you may have a slight advantage over your competitors when gaming on 165Hz.

Gaming Monitor Set-up
Gaming Monitor Set-up

165Hz Vs. 144Hz Compared

Gaming At 165Hz

Monitors running at 165Hz refresh rates are a massive upgrade to 144Hz monitors. With the extra 21 frames per second, it will be easier to render rich, complex 3D environments.

With a 165Hz panel, you can enjoy most, if not all, games. With the extra hertz, you won’t have to worry about slow rendering or blurry images when gaming.

Just ensure that your GPU can put out 165 FPS. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy or take advantage of the 165Hz monitor.


  • It supports the highest display resolution, thus allowing you to enjoy the fineness of details in images.
  • It can display high-quality graphics
  • Can play games smoothly because it can support the highest setting of image resolution offered in most games
  • Supports a high frame rate
  • Low input lag
  • Wide viewing angles


Gaming At 144Hz

144Hz monitors are the standard for gaming, which means they are just as good as 165Hz monitors. 144Hz is enough refresh rate for online multiplayer games.

144hz vs 165Hz Refresh Rate

With this refresh rate, the monitor can display the environment of the game without sacrificing much.

144Hz can also work with AAA titles, but it will have slight delays when rendering the borders of your panel as you turn.

Bottom line: Most gamers would be happy with just 144Hz, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore 165Hz monitors.


  • Can handle a high frame rate without issues
  • Offers a responsive gaming experience and smooth visuals during fast-action gaming and movie scenes
  • It comes with several gaming modes
  • Little to no motion blur
  • Can take assistance from technologies such as AMD FreeSync or G-Sync


  • It must be mated to a high-end GPU
  • Has poor color output, especially those that use TN panels
  • Can cause motion blur when mated with VA panels

Are 144Hz Monitors Good?

144Hz panels present good value to gamers as their refresh rates can support the best fps games.

Are 165Hz Monitors Better?

Yes, 165Hz monitors are incredible. They have improved panels, faster response, better HDR, and excellent colour accuracy.

Final Thoughts!

While it is hard to spot the difference between a 144Hz and 165Hz monitor, the latter has a slight competitive edge due to the extra refresh rate.

So, get yourself a 165Hz gaming monitor and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.