4K 60hz vs. 2K 144Hz Monitor: Which Is Better in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

Choosing a gaming monitor has become a bit tricky due to the wide variety of monitors on the market.

Gamers have been debating whether a 4K 60Hz is better than a 2K 144Hz and vice versa.

This write-up will cover 2K 144Hz vs. 4K 60Hz and hopefully help you pick the best monitor, depending on your use case.

2K 144Hz vs. 4K 60Hz Compared

Here is how a 2k 144Hz monitor compares to a 4K 60Hz.

2K 144Hz Overview

A 2K 144Hz monitor should provide you with an incredible experience when it comes to gaming. The 144Hz refresh rate is much better than what you get with a 4K 60 Hz monitor.

Gaming is so much smoother at higher refresh rates.

The details of the images might be slightly less, but the high refresh rate will provide a more satisfying experience.

If you love playing FPS games, you’ll have an added advantage due to the high refresh rate. FPS gamers don’t have to worry about high resolution as it’s not that important in gaming.

It’s hard to notice any loss in details when gaming on a 2K monitor as its resolution is still decent.

Also, the colours are punchy, and it has minimal ghosting if any.


  • Punchy Colors
  •  No Ghosting
  •  Great for playing fast-paced games
  •  Less screen tearing


  • It’s expensive
  • Might lose color details when gaming

4K 60Hz Overview

Gaming Monitor Set-up

Gaming on a 4K 60Hz monitor is by no means a bad experience for casual gamers. You should enjoy running most games due to the sharpness and quality of the display.

With 4K, you get a fantastic sense of depth to the picture. So, expect games to look much better on a 4K 60Hz monitor than when maxed out in 2K.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on a 4k 60Hz when playing FPS and fast action games.

Although you can use 4K 60Hz monitors for gaming, they are more suitable for productivity.

A 4K 60Hz monitor should be your go-to option for office work, graphic design, and photoshop. Anything that doesn’t involve gaming should run well on a 4K monitor.

Watching movies and editing photos on a 4K display should be pretty enjoyable. Being an Ultra High Definition display, it will depict images that have more details and sharpness.


  • Bigger screens
  • Better in-game visuals
  • It’s future proof
  • Great for productivity
  • Things look sharper and clearer


  • Consumes more power
  • Requires powerful hardware
  • Compatibility issues as not all games support 4K resolutions
  • Low refresh rates

Is 4K 60Hz Better Than 1440p 144Hz?

Well, it will depend on which front they are competing on. A 1440p 144Hz monitor is superior to 4K/60FPS when it comes to gaming.

The high refresh rates make the 144Hz monitor suitable for competitive gaming.

4K 60Hz monitors are better than 2K 144Hz monitors for office work, graphic design, watching movies, and photoshop.

If you need sharp and high-quality images, opt for the 4K 60Hz monitor. On the other hand, the 2K 144Hz is a great gaming monitor due to its fast response time and high refresh rate.

Is 2K 144Hz Good?

Yes, a 2K 144Hz monitor is a pretty good configuration. It has both a high refresh rate and high- resolution.

Hitting moving targets when playing FPS games should be pretty easy due to the smoothness offered by the screen.

You can also perform any task with a 2K 144Hz monitor, whether it’s watching movies, graphic design, streaming, web browsing, or photoshop.

gaming monitor
The higher the refresh rate the better

Is 4K 60Hz OK For Gaming?

4K 60Hz is good for gaming if you have a console (Xbox or Playstation). Because console games have their refresh rates locked at 60Hz.

However, for PC gaming it will be best to get monitors with refresh rates higher than 60Hz.

Final Thoughts

The 2K 144Hz monitor is the most suitable for gaming, especially where one needs fast and quick reflexes.

Similarly, if you need a monitor for watching videos and productivity, you’d be better with a 4K 60Hz monitor.