How to Make A Soundbar Sound Better: 5 Different Tips and Tricks

By: Editorial Team

Seeking great tips and tricks on how to enhance the sound of your soundbar and enjoy the best audio output from your investment?

It can be frustrating to come home with one of your best movies or music collections only to discover that the sound is unpleasant and not the best as you were hoping for. 

Having to adjust your volume every other minute doesn’t really sound enjoyable and the fact is you’d want to have a balanced audio output throughout your watching or listening time. 

When it comes to the soundbar, the sound should be balanced in such a way that both the action-packed explosions.

And the low-volume scenes can play without blowing off your television speakers or forcing you to strain in order to capture what’s going on. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing different tips and tricks that you could put in place in order to enhance the sound of your soundbar.

And enjoy the best results every time you want to listen to music or watch a movie.

Pick The Tight Soundbar Size

The first step towards getting the best sound from your soundbar is in the selection process. It’s good to appreciate that soundbars vary in size and different sizes will work best with different rooms or spaces. 

A small soundbar while commanding great quality and features may not be ideal for a larger room while a large one might not be suited for a smaller room.

When choosing a soundbar, size does matter and this is in consideration of the room or home where you intend to use it.  

When buying a soundbar, try not to fall for the aesthetics but factor in the dimensions of your room as well. You still can get a small or big enough soundbar that is symmetrically pleasing to the eyes but also good for your room dimensions.

Turn The Television Speakers Off

The reason why you invest in a soundbar has everything to do with the lack of good quality sound from your television’s inbuilt speakers. 

As such, using them simultaneously with the soundbar normally distorts the sound since they’re not up to the expected quality.  

The inferior sound quality from the inbuilt speakers of your television can dilute the soundbar’s sound quality thus the reason you should turn them off completely. 

To maintain the overall quality of sound from the soundbars, always make sure that the sound sources are within the same decibels and frequencies.

In this case, the best way is to mute the television speakers completely and use the soundbar alone

Position Your Subwoofer Correctly

Since soundbars come with a subwoofer, knowing how to position it properly is key to a great audio experience.

Subwoofers are designed to provide a low-frequency impact and wrong positioning could have a negative effect messing up with your sound output. 

Whether using a wireless or a wired subwoofer, the best position would be a little bit far from the wall to prevent distorted bass and vibrations.

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At least you can place it in a corner and 10 meters away from the soundbar.

Fine-tune the equalizer Settings 

Normally, the equalizer settings involve bass and treble levels. The settings are designed to enhance the sound in line with your preferences and the media you’re playing.

Fine-tuning the equalizer settings will help ensure that the soundbar plays just like its sound to and offer optimal sound. 

How To Choose a Soundbar

The best quality and modern soundbars have an allowance for equalizer setting adjustments and if this is not possible, you can get mobile apps that make this possible right from your phone. 

You can do this based on your space and personal preference. You can get help on how to do this easily and fast from the user manual that comes with your soundbar.

Go For The High Quality Cables

When it comes to audio, cabling options play a very important role. There is a variety of cabling options available in the market.

But your sound quality is only guaranteed if you use the best quality cables to connect your soundbar. 

While RCA and AUX cables have commonly been used but the technology is a little outdated and not likely to give you the best quality results as far as digital signals are concerned. 

These cables can be used with old television models but should be avoided instead of opting for HDMI, optical, and HDMI ARC cabling options.

These have a high-quality transmission of digital signals thus giving you the best experience.

It’s good to understand how each of these cabling options works as they have some major differences worth noting.

For example, if you want to relay both visual and audio signals, HDMI cables will be the best as they can do both.

On the other hand, optical cables are designed for audio signal transmission only which means you may need extra cabling for visual transmission when connecting an alternative device for video sources. 

That said, optical cables are excellent when it comes to sound quality compared to HDMI cables.

As you select the ideal cabling for your soundbar, make sure to confirm compatibility and do a little bit more research as well.


When using a soundbar, knowing how best to operate it would be very important. The audio presets offered by the soundbar help you get the best out of home theatre based on what you want to do.

For example, some audio presets will be ideal when you’re watching a movie while others will give quality sound when listening to music. 

Whatever the case though, there are numerous soundbars to consider especially when looking for affordability and quality. 

Soundbars such as Vizio V21-H8, Samsung HW-R550, and Polk Audio Signa S2 would make for a great selection especially if you’re looking for amazing audio output. 

That said, at times you may want to enjoy your music or movie alone without projecting the sound to others in the room. 

At such times, using your headphones with a headphone amp would be also a great idea as opposed to connecting your audio sources to a soundbar. 

A combination of the headphone and a headphone amp gives you more amplified sound effects not to mention that these two can be used on the go.

A headphone amp will not only help unleash the volume but also produce great highs and lows thus giving you great sound quality.