4K vs. 144hz Monitor: Which is Better in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

When shopping for monitors, you have the option of higher resolution displays or lower resolution displays paired with higher refresh rates.

You can have a 4K display, but is it better than a 144hz display?

When comparing 4K vs 144hz, factors such as usage and preferences come into play, as discussed below.

Should You Buy a 4K Display?

Buying a 4k monitor means you get crisp images when watching content or playing games. If your primary use is the former, get that 4K display.

However, gamers tend to prioritize refresh rates over resolutions. A 4K display will deliver quality images but at what cost?

You’ll need to pair your monitor with a powerful GPU to enjoy the high resolutions at decent refresh rates.

This is why most gamers who prefer 4K displays often choose 4K 60hz monitors. Lower refresh rates are less taxing on the system compared to higher refresh rates.

acer monitor
High resolution displays always show better pictures and videos

Is It Better To Have 4k or 144hz?

144hz displays are better for competitive gaming, while 4K displays are better for casual gaming and productivity.

The better alternative is a good balance between refresh rates and resolution. Ideally, a 1440p 144hz display will offer everything you need for gaming while being sharp enough for productivity tasks.

The 4K monitors have the upper hand due to superior pixel density on similar-sized displays.

You’ll enjoy a better experience when browsing or performing normal computing functions.

Is 4K or Higher Hz Better?

It depends on your daily usage. Does your daily use lean towards productivity or gaming? If it’s the former, the increased pixel count of a 4K display is ideal for photo editing, content creation, etc.

Viewing content or editing photos on your 4K display is better than on a 2K or 1080p 144hz display.

Most YouTubers are now uploading 4K videos, and you can enjoy the stunning visuals on your 4K monitor.

4K vs 144Hz For Gaming

When the primary purpose is gaming, higher refresh rates will trounce higher resolutions any day. Gaming is smoother on higher refresh rates.

For example, gaming on a 1440p 144hz monitor is better than on a 4K 60hz monitor.

There is still the loss of details when gaming on a 1440p display compared to a 4K display. But the difference isn’t as noticeable as when using it for productivity or consuming content.

Is 4K Worth It Over 1440p?

For productivity and content consumption, 4K is better than 1440p 144hz. However, 1440p displays are easier to power, especially with a 144hz refresh rate.

Find a panel with G-sync or freesync support, and you’re ready for competitive gaming.

4K vs 144Hz For Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X can only play games on 60Hz or lower. You will benefit much more from getting a 4K 60Hz monitor or TV. Higher refresh rates are best for PC gaming.

144Hz vs 4K For PS5

PS5 can only play games on 60Hz or lower. You will benefit much more from getting a 4K 60Hz monitor or TV. Higher refresh rates are best for PC gaming.

4K vs 144Hz For Gaming?

Most gamers will want monitors that strike a good balance between resolution and refresh rates. Currently, most 4K displays are 60hz, which often experience minor syncing issues.

This becomes apparent when playing competitive games such as Overwatch.

If you’re playing games that become more immersive when played on high-resolution displays, then get a 4K monitor.

On the other hand, competitive gamers will choose the 144hz display over fancy visuals any day. Higher resolutions don’t offer the same competitive edge as higher refresh rates.

For competitive gaming and graphically-intensive tasks, choose 144hz over 4K resolutions.