How To Solve Acer Predator Helios 300 Not Sleeping in 2024

By: Editorial Team

Most people prefer to leave their laptops in sleep mode as it allows you to resume where you left no matter what happens.

So, your Acer Predator Helios 300 Pc not sleeping should bother most of you.

You’ll either be forced to shut it down or leave it running. This article will help you solve the Acer predator sleep mode problem.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Not Sleeping When Lid Closed

Your Acer predator should automatically go to sleep whenever you close the lid. Failure to activate sleep mode means that your settings are off.

Luckily, changing the lid settings should do the trick.

How Do I Put My Acer laptop To Sleep?

The following fixes should help you put your Predator Helios 300 to sleep mode:

Run The Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter is quite effective when it comes to solving laptop issues. Here is how to use the troubleshooter to fix the sleeping problem:

  1. Press Windows key + I to open the settings window.
  2. Click on “Update & Security.
  3. Select “Troubleshoot” from the left menu.
  4. Scroll down and click on “Power.
  5. Under the expanded menu, click on “Run the Troubleshooter.
  6. Wait for the troubleshooter to run its operation before checking whether the issue has been rectified.

Power Options Fix

  1. Press Windows Key, then select the Settings gear icon
  2. Select “System
  3. Click “Power & Sleep
  4. Confirm the “Sleep” setting is set to your desired value
  5. Click on “Additional power settings” on the right
  6. Click on the “Change Plan Settings” next to the power plan you’ve selected
  7. Select “Change advanced power settings” to open the “Power Options” screen.
  8. Now expand each setting and confirm that they allow your laptop to go to sleep mode. Every option should be set to “Allow the computer to sleep.” You can also hit the “Restore plan defaults” button to allow sleeping mode.

Disable Wake Timers

  1. Press Windows key + R simultaneously to open “Run.
  2. Type the path control.exe powercfg.cpl,,3 and hit OK to open power options.
  3. Double Click on “Sleep” to expand it.
  4. Under the Sleep menu, double click on “Allow wake timers.
  5. Click “Disable” for both “On Battery” and “Plugged in” options.

Disable Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode is a combination of both sleep and hibernation modes. Enabling Hybrid Mode can prevent your Acer Predator Helios 300 from going to sleep. Here is how to disable Hybrid Mode:

  1. Search Edit Power Plan in the Windows search box and click the result.
  2. Once the new window opens, click on “Change advanced power settings.
  3. A new Power Options window should open. Double click on the “Sleep” option to expand it.
  4. Expand the Allow Hybrid sleep and choose Off for both “On battery” and “Plugged in” options.
  5. Once you are through, click on the “Ok” button to apply and save changes.
  6. Restart your laptop and check if the sleep mode is working.

Edit Lid Settings

Your lid settings could be the cause of your Acer Predator Helios 300 not sleeping when the lid is closed. Edit your setting by following these steps:

  1. Search the term “Lid” on The windows 10 search box and click on “Change what closing the lid does.
  2. Head to the “When I close the lid” option and ensure everything is set to “Sleep.
  3. While at it, do the same for the options “When I press the power buttons” and “When I press the sleep button.
  4. Click “Save Changes” & Restart your laptop before testing whether the problem is gone.

Uninstall The App Preventing Your PC From Sleeping

Sometimes your Predator Helios 300 won’t sleep because of a software program you installed recently. First, establish which app is causing the issue by following these steps:

  1. Search CMD in Windows 10 Search Box
  2. Select Run As Administrator on the right panel
  3. Type the command: powercfg –requests and hit enter

Any app causing sleep mode problems will appear on the results. Now you can proceed to uninstall the problematic app from the control panel

If you can’t do without the apps listed, consider requesting an override via the command prompt by running the command listed below:

powercfg -requestsoverride <CALLER_TYPE>“<NAME>”<REQUEST>

Visit A Certified Technician or Acer Service Center

If none of the above quick fixes work, you should consider having your Predator Helios 300 checked by a technician. Maybe the problem lies in the hardware, which can only be rectified by an experienced technician.

If your laptop still has a warranty, take it to your nearest Acer Service Center, and they’ll sort out the Sleep mode issue.

Final Thoughts

The fixes discussed above should help you solve the issue of your Acer Predator Helios 300 not sleeping.

You can also attempt to disable screensaver, disable fast startup, or update windows before taking your laptop for repair.

Hopefully, you can get your Acer laptop to sleep mode without any fuss.