How To Fix Android Keyboard Typing Wrong Letters 2024

By: Editorial Team

Have you ever typed something on your Android phone, but instead of getting the word you wanted, you instead got a random letter? For example, instead of getting the word ‘tomorrow,’ you got an ‘o’.

This can happen sometimes when you’re also pressing keys on your phone at the same time, and you don’t know why that happens.

This guide will help you figure out how to solve android keyboard typing wrong letters.

Why Is My Phone Not Typing Correctly?

So many people complain about their phones not typing correctly. It is a common problem among Android users, and it’s so annoying. But what causes typing errors?

How To Fix Android Keyboard Typing Wrong Letters

Accumulated Cache

Accumulated cache is one of the leading causes of typing errors. Cache files are known to eat up your phone storage and slow down your phone as well.

So, if your Android keyboard is not working properly, you might have to clean your device’s cache manually.

Autocorrect Acting Weird

The autocorrect feature is a life-saver for smartphone users. Unfortunately, this feature can also make your life hectic.

You’ll often find your keyboard taking control over what you type. As such, it will correct words into something that doesn’t make sense.

Software Bugs

Bugs can also cause your android keyboard to act weird. Sometimes your keyboard app can come with bugs. Alternatively, the bugs can develop with time.

In most cases, the bugs will be sorted during the next update.

Incorrect Input Settings

If you have not configured the language & input settings correctly, you’ll definitely run into typing problems. Surprisingly, most solutions to your typing problem lie in the Language & input settings.

How Do You Fix Android Keyboard Mistyping?

If you have mistyping problems, try the following fixes:

Restart The App You Are using

If you are having issues with your keyboard while using messenger or whatsapp, then you have to restart them.

You’ll need to go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> Messenger or whichever app you are using> Press Force Stop. Once the app closes, restart it and check whether the problem is solved.

Perform A Soft Reset

A soft reset should eliminate bugs from your keyboard app and clear the system. You can do it by pressing & holding power and volume down buttons for ten seconds.

Don’t forget to release the buttons after your phone has restarted.

Turn Off Autocorrect Feature

If you feel that autocorrect is messing you up, consider turning off the feature.

Open Settings > Languages & Input > Keyboard & Input Methods > Virtual keyboard > Android Keyboard > Text Correction. Now turn off the Auto-correction feature by sliding off the toggle.

Change Your Keyboard App

If none of the above fixes work, you might as well have to change your keyboard app.

So, if you use the Gboard keyboard app, you might have to switch to Swiftkey, Fleksy, Chrooma, Typewise, or Grammarly Keyboard.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that the fixes we’ve discussed will solve your problem.

Luckily, the tips can also fix most keyboard problems in your smartphone.