2 Ways on How To Disable Function (Fn) Keys in Windows in 2024

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In article, we take you through the steps on how to disable or enable function keys (fn) on Windows 10.

How To Disable The Function Keys

Do it Through The BIOS or UEFI Settings

You can disable or enable the Fn key through the BIOS or UEFI settings.

  • To enter the BIOS on Dell or Acer, restart your laptop. As soon as the logo pops up press the F2 key.
  • To enter BIOS on Lenovo, restart and press F1 or F2 as soon as the Lenovo logo pops ups.
  • To enter BIOS on ASUS, restart and press Del when the logo pops up.

Note: Some laptops require you to press F10, F2, etc. to enter the BIOS. Also, make sure your BIOS is the latest version if not please update it.

Now that you are in the BIOS you can now disable the Fn key. To find that option look for system configuration and under it search for a function key option.

Press ENTER to choose the option to disable or enable function keys. Not every laptop is the same. You must check under Main or Advanced to find where the function key option is located.

How To Enter BIOS Configuration

If for some reason you are not able to enter the BIOS through the steps outlined above you can do it through the UEFI Settings.

  • Open your Start Menu and type in Settings.
  • Clicking on Settings will take you to the Windows Settings dialog box. And open Update & Security.
  • Once in Update & Security go to Recovery which is located on the left. Under Recovery click on Restart now button. Your laptop will restart and take you to the UEFI settings.
troubleshoot uefi
Troubleshoot UEFI Settings
  • You have now successfully made it into the UEFI settings. Choose Troubleshoot options.
  • Under the Troubleshoot choose Advanced Options.
  • Under Advanced Options choose UEFI Settings. Click on the Restart button to change the UEFI settings.

Your laptop will restart and take you straight to the BIOS once there you can lock or unlock the Fn key.

Depending on your laptop you have to look under Main, Advanced or System Configuration to locate the option for the Fn key.

Once found proceed to press Enter to enable or disable the function key settings.

Keyboard Settings

This method is for those who have the Fn lock key (next to the WIN key) on their keyboard. This is the fastest way to lock or unlock your Fn key without configuring the BIOS.

Locate the Fn Lock symbol which is normally found under or next to the ESC key. It’s not always found under the ESC key so you have to search for it if it’s not there.

Once found press the Fn + Fn lock keys to lock the Fn key. Voila! You can now use the functions keys without pressing the Fn key.

Repeat the process if you want to use function keys with the Fn key. If you can’t find the Fn lock key on your laptop you can disable it through the BIOS.

fn key
FN key

Final Thoughts

These two methods allow you to disable the function keys or to enable them.

You can rest at ease without worrying about triggering a special key feature if you forget to press the Fn key. To be honest, function keys are meant to be pressed without the Fn key.

Follow the steps and you will be able to disable function keys.

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