What Kind of Graphics Card Do I Need For Revit? [Answered]

By: Editorial Team

Autodesk Revit has steep system requirements to fulfill to fully take advantage of the software. And the GPU is one of the hardware requirements that must be met.

What kind of graphics do I need for Revit? In this article, we explain what graphic cards are best for Revit.

What Graphics Card Is Best For Revit?

According to AutoDesk Revit’s system requirements, the best graphics card is one that supports DirectX 11 with shader model 5 having at least 4GB video RAM.

This gives you a lot of options when it comes to choosing a graphics card for Revit. Here are the options below:

NVIDIA GTX, RTX, or Quadro cards

The NVIDIA GTX and RTX GPUs are graphics cards that have been optimized for gaming e.g NVIDIA RTX 3070 or GTX 1660 Ti.

They are decent options for CAD and BIM software – Revit included. But NVIDIA Quadro cards are the best options for CAD and BIM software.

Because they have been optimized to handle large amounts of data and provide stability more than GTX and RTX cards.

Examples of such cards are NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 and 4000. The only advantage the NVIDIA GTX and RTX cards have over the Quadro cards are that they are more affordable.

If your budget can cover the cost of a Quadro card then get one. But, if not a GTX or RTX graphics card will suffice.

AMD Radeon RX and Radeon Pro

Just like NVIDIA, AMD has gaming and professional graphics cards. The AMD Radeon RX series and Radeon Pro.

The AMD Radeon RX series is primarily for gaming and provides adequate performance on CAD and BIM software.

However, just like the NVIDIA GTX and RTX series. Performance lags behind their Radeon Pro models when it comes to rendering models on CAD and BIM.

They are built to render models into high resolutions gaming cards aren’t able to handle. And if they can the rendering times be slow.

Is Graphics Card Necessary For Revit?

Yes, without a dedicated graphics card you won’t be able to render your models. Graphics cards are responsible for processing graphical information and without one.

Your laptop or PC won’t be able to handle the graphical data of Revit. Please note a dedicated graphics card is required not an integrated graphics card.

Integrated graphic cards do not meet the GPU system requirements provided by AutoDesk Revit. This makes it a must to get a laptop with a powerful dedicated graphics card or workstation PC.

Does Revit Use CPU Or GPU?

Autodesk Revit uses both CPU and GPU. It’s hardware-hungry software and failure to meet the specifications will cause Revit to run slow, crash or not start at all.

Multi-core CPUs are highly recommended.

Think about the Intel Core series, Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen, and AMD Threadripper series. When it comes to GPU, a dedicated graphics card with at least 4GB RAM is highly recommended.

The higher the VRAM, clock speed, and cores of the GPU the better. In this case, the NVIDIA RTX, GTX, and Quadro series and AMD Radeon RX and Radeon Pro series.

Is RTX 2060 Good For Revit?

Yes, for small to medium-sized models. The RTX 2060 is good for Revit.