How To Fix Roomba Falling Down Stairs in 2022

Robot vacuums especially Roombas are super-helpful in keeping your home clean. But, what if your home is a multi-storey building?

This legitimately raises concern if the Roomba will fall downstairs. Because if it does there is a high probability that it will get damaged.

Here’s why your Roomba or robot vacuum won’t fall downstairs. And if it does what you can do to stop it from happening.

Can a Roomba Fall Down the Stairs?

A Roomba or robot vacuum has built-in sensors that detect height differences. This prevents Roombas from going over stairs or heights.

Roomba calls it cliff sensors other brands just call it sensors. If you notice your Roomba or robot vacuum falling down the stairs.

Then there must be something wrong with the sensors. Or it might be that your Roomba hasn’t finished learning the layout. This means it hasn’t been properly set-up.

Do all Roombas have Cliff Sensors?

No, not all roombas have cliff sensors. Below are the list of roombas that have cliff sensors.

  • I-series
  • E-series
  • 700 series
  • 800 series
  • 900 series

How Do You stop a Roomba from Falling Down Stairs?

If your Roomba is fairly new. Set it up properly and give it some time to learn the layout of your home. Hopefully, it will stop falling down the stairs once it fully learns the layout of your home.

Also, make sure not to use the same Roomba for two or more different floors.

Always get a Roomba or robot vacuum for each floor. This greatly reduces the chances of the Roomba messing up.

Roomba Not Falling Down Stairs

But, if your Roomba has been with you for a few weeks and it still falls down the stairs. Then there must be something wrong with its sensors.

So it’s either you have to create a virtual wall for your Roomba or have the manufacturer take a look at it.

What the virtual wall does is it creates a barrier which your Roomba doesn’t cross. This makes it great for setting up out-of-bounds area to cleaning or preventing your robot vacuum from falling.

But, before getting a virtual wall. Let your manufacturer take a look at it.

Final Thoughts

Solving the problem of your Roomba or robot vacuum falling down the stairs isn’t difficult. Just make sure you set-up your Roomba well and give it time to learn the layout.

If it still falls down the stairs then you have to take it back to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. Or you need to get a virtual wall for it.

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