How To Solve an Apple TV Pink Screen in 2024

By: Editorial Team

If you’ve been using Apple TV as your digital media player, you’re likely to encounter a pink screen problem. Some people will experience the problem after installing an update.

The pink screen might also appear after switching from an HDR to an SDR screen.

Other users have reported the purple screen when watching a 4k Dolby Vision movie on the Apple box.

If you’ve experienced the Apple TV pink screen, use the fixes discussed in this article to sort the problem. Here’s how to solve an Apple TV Pink Screen

How Do I Fix The Pink Screen On Apple TV?

Most of the fixes discussed below should work on any type of Apple TV box.

Check HDMI Connection

The HDMI connection is always the number one culprit when you get an Apple TV pink screen. Most probably, the HDMI connection is loose on either side.

Therefore, you need to disconnect the HDMI cable and reconnect it. This time ensure that the cable is plugged in firmly before rebooting your Apple TV box and TV.

Restart Your Apple TV Box

Some users have found success by simply restarting their Apple TV box.

You can do it manually by unplugging the Apple TV box from the wall and waiting for some time before reconnecting the power cord.

Alternatively, you can restart it by pressing and holding the Menu and TV button on the remote until the device restarts.

Change HDMI Cable

If your HDMI connection is okay but still has the pink hue, you may be using the wrong HDMI cable. Maybe the cable you are using is not rated for 4K, or it’s of poor quality.

How To Solve Apple TV Pink Screen

Make sure you use the Rocketfish 4K UltraHD/HDR In-Wall Rated HDMI Cable.

Change HDMI Output Settings

Sometimes the pink shades on your Apple TV can be caused by the wrong settings.

Correct that by heading to Settings > Video and Audio > HDMI Output. If it’s set to YCbCr, change it to RGB high, and the pink issue will disappear.

Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried all the above solutions and none seems to work, you can seek help from Apple’s technical team.

Alternatively, you can return the Apple TV box to the dealer and get it checked. They might even offer a replacement if your warranty is still active.

Final Thoughts!

That’s it on how to solve an Apple TV pink screen. We hope you can solve the problem without having to return the Apple TV box to the dealer.