How To Fix The Pink or Purple Screen TV in 2024

By: Editorial Team

The famous pink or purples screen is not restricted to computers, MacBooks, and iPhones. It can also happen to your TV.

While the pink hue on your TV is different from the Pink screen of Death, it can be quite frustrating. As such, you should find a way to get rid of the pink or purple color. Here’s how to fix the pink screen on TVs.

What Causes A TV Pink Screen?

While pink screen issues are rare, they mostly stem from your HDMI connection. It can be as simple as not connecting your HDMI plug correctly into the port.

You probably have a loose connection or haven’t inserted the plug fully.

Another possible probability is you have a broken HDMI input port on your TV or video source component. Lastly, you might be using the wrong HDMI cable.

Some users have reported having pink screens due to power fluctuations. The fluctuations can cause a glitch on a device’s hardware, thus causing the pink screen.

pink screen
Pink screen

How To Fix Pink Screen On TV

Unlike other TV problems, the pink screen is relatively easy to fix. Amazingly, you don’t need any repairs unless the fixes provided below fail:

Reboot Your TV

Sometimes you don’t need any complex fixes to get rid of the pink screen. A simple reboot should do the trick for most users.

You just need to turn off and unplug your TV from the power source. Disconnect all the devices connected to it and give them a couple of minutes to cool down.

Make sure you also reboot your cable box or whichever devices you use.

Once all the devices cool, turn on your tv and connect them pretty well. The pink screen should now be gone.

Switch The HDMI Port

Most TVs and devices will come with a couple of HDMI ports. So, if you reboot your TV and the problem persists, you should unplug the HDMI cable and plug it into another port.

Reboot your devices once more and check if the problem is solved.

If you feel that the HDMI connection is loose, just try a different port. A loose connection will at one point cause the pink screen problem.

Change Your HDMI Cable

If trying different HDMI ports doesn’t solve the pink tv screen problem, try using a different HDMI cable. There is a chance your HDMI cable is faulty, or you are using the wrong type of cable.

As such, you need to change the cable and test whether the problem will be solved.

How To Fix Pink Screen Issue on TV

Use A HDMI Switcher Box

All the HDMI ports on your cable box, Comcast, and other devices might be working fine, but one of the HDMI input ports on your TV is bad. In that case, you’ll have to use an HDMI switcher box.

It allows you to run a single HDMI cable from the TV to the box and plug all your HDMI input sources into it as well.

How To Solve A Time Warner Cable Pink Screen

Time Warner Cable is now known as Spectrum. People who use the Spectrum cable box have also experienced the pink screen error as well.

Here is how to troubleshoot the spectrum pink screen error:

  1. Check whether your HDMI cable is plugged firmly on both ends
  2. Power cycle all the device
  3. Try a different HDMI cable or change the HDMI ports
  4. Call the Spectrum support tech system

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the pink screen bug on your TV is nothing to worry about. You just need to try the fixes we’ve provided, and you’ll be fine.

If the problem persists, have your TV checked by a technician or return it to your dealer if the warranty is still active.