Removable vs Non-removable Battery: Which Is Better In Smartphones?

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Smartphone batteries come in different sizes and shapes. But. they all belong to two groups – removable and non-removable.

In this post, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of removable and non-removable batteries in smartphones.

What Are Removable and Non-removable Batteries?

There has been a lot of debate on which type of battery is the best and how different they are.

It is simple.

Removable batteries can be easily taken out or replaced while non-removable batteries that are in-built can’t be taken out.

This is not to say non-removable batteries can’t be taken out. You just need special tools and experience to do so.

Removable Batteries Are Not Coming Back

Or you could take it to an expert to do it for you. Both do have some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Removable Batteries

You Can Do A Hard Reset

If your phone gets frozen or unresponsive you can try removing the battery and putting it back in a second.

This makes the phone do a “hard reset”. This method is proven to solve most of the problems plaguing smartphones.

Keep An Extra Battery For Emergency And Convenience

Have an extra battery is much more convenient than carrying a power bank.

If your main battery dies instead of waiting for the power bank to charge it to 100 per cent you just put in the extra battery and you are ready to go.

It makes it great for emergencies too when you can’t wait for your battery to charge.

Easily Replaceable

Batteries deteriorate as time goes on. Removable batteries are much easier to replace than non-removable batteries because you don’t need special tools to get access to the battery.

It is also much more cost-effective compared to a smartphone with a non-removable battery where you have to take it to an expert to change it for you.

Minimize Water Damage

If your smartphone falls in water quickly removing the battery from your phone can save it.

By doing so you prevent short-circuits in your smartphone which can potentially damage your phone. You remove the battery and dry both separately minimizing water damage.

Disadvantages of Removable Batteries

Cannot be traced

If your phone is stolen or missing, you won’t be able to trace it. Removing the battery will stop your phone from transmitting its location because of a lack of power.

Susceptible To Dust and Dirt

Because the battery can be removed it makes it more susceptible to dust and dirt.

Over time this amount of this can increase and cause damage to the internal components of the phone.

You Need An Exact Battery To Replace It

Replacing the battery with a non-compatible battery can cause problems for you.

Size and Design

Smartphones with removable batteries are bulkier and thicker than smartphones with non-removable batteries.

They also might not be sleek as those with non-removable batteries.

non-removable battery
Non-removable Battery

Advantages of Non-removable Batteries

Tighter, Sleeker And Unibody Design

Smartphones with non-removable batteries are far sleeker and tighter than removable ones. You can see this in all the latest phones.

Their aesthetics are very appealing to the eye and have a more premium finish.

The non-removable battery also makes it possible for the smartphone to have a unibody design as if it was carved out from a block of metal, glass or plastic.

The tightness and the unibody design also mean reduced susceptibility to dirt and dust that can cause damage to the internal components of the phone.

Can Be Traced

If your phone gets stolen or missing you can easily trace it since power has not been cut off to prevent the phone from transmitting its location.

Also, because you need special tools to remove the battery it makes it difficult for the thief to get rid of the phone battery.

Phones are Slimmer And Lighter

Non-removable batteries make it easier for manufacturers to create slimmer smartphones. They are not bulky or thick as smartphones with removable batteries.

This makes them better looking and easy to put in your pocket.

Disadvantages of Non-removable Batteries

Cannot Be Easily Replaced

Because the battery is inbuilt it makes it difficult to replace. You need special tools to get access to the internals of the smartphone.

You also need experience if you follow the DIY approach. Another option is to take it to a phone repairer or back to the manufacturer.

Water Can Damage It

Unless your smartphone is water-proof, water will seriously damage it.

Because there is no way to quickly remove the battery, water in its internals will cause a short-circuit which can permanently damage your phone.

If this happens you need to buy a new smartphone.

You Can’t Use A Spare battery

You won’t be able to carry a spare battery around because you can’t swap out the battery by normal means.

Which One Should You Get – Removable Or Non-removable battery?

It depends on you. If you prefer the newer, sleeker and unibody designs then, by all means, feel free to go get a smartphone with a non-removable battery.

But, if you like the convenience of a smartphone with a removable battery brings then no one should stop you from getting it.

non-removable vs removable battery
Non-removable Vs Removable Battery

The Takeaway

You now know both their advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision when shopping for a phone.

Unfortunately, smartphones with removable batteries are slowly phasing out of existence. And smartphone manufacturers and a lot of people prefer non-removable batteries.

This allows manufacturers to make better and sleeker designs than those with removable batteries. Overall, smartphones with non-removable batteries are better looking.

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