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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 03:41 pm

What is Asahi Dragontrail Glass?

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Last updated on November 28th, 2020 at 02:08 pm

Just like how Gorilla Glass is unique to Corning Inc., dragontrail glass is a type of tempered glass unique to and only produced by Asahi Glass company of Japan. Here’s everything you need to know about Asahi Dragontrail Glass.

What Is Asahi Dragontrail Glass?

Asahi dragontrail glass is created through chemical means by a process called float process. The float process is a method of creating even, flat glass sheets that takes advantage of the generated surface tension when floating liquefied glass on molten tin.

Dragontrail glasses is used for several devices: smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, flat panel TVs etc. They are scratch-resistant and are designed in such a way they add a more stylish design to devices that houses them.

Which is Better Asahi Dragontrail vs Gorilla Glass?

Asahi dragontrail glass and Corning Gorilla Glass are tempered glass that are created by two different companies: Asahi Company of Japan and Corning Inc. respectively.

Both were created to provide protection to smartphones because of the tendency for their phones to get easily damaged, cracked or scratch in certain situations.

Both go through chemical but different processes of transformation into tempered glasses and therefore are not equal in strength.

Both are created by chemical means but different processes. Corning Gorilla Glass is made through the process of ion-exchange and asahi dragontrail glass is made through the float process.

As a matter of fact Corning Gorilla Glass screens have better strength and durability than dragontrail that is why you will find corning gorilla glass in premium smartphones and laptops.

Also, with every new generation Corning gorilla glass gets better. A Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is stronger and more durable than a Corning gorilla glass 5.

This is not to say asahi dragontrail glass is not durable or strong, only that it’s as strong as Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Asahi also claims that it can support weight from up to 60 kg. A testament to the strength of tempered glass. You will find dragontrail glass used for screens in Sony Xperia, Google Pixel and Blackberry.

To sum it all up, corning gorilla glass is stronger and better than dragontrail glass. Evidence of this can be found in why Samsung or Apple use Corning Gorilla Glass for their devices.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about Asahi Dragontrail glass. The brand is popular with a lot of manufacturers. And they have quite a number of diverse products.

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