Differences Between A Smartphone, Android and iPhone in 2024

By: Editorial Team

Smartphones are the general name given to mobile phones that can call, text, connect to the internet, etc. A mobile phone that works like a computer or a laptop but has a small form factor.

You can easily put it in your pocket. Currently, most phones on the market are smartphones.

Android phones and iPhones are smartphones. But, not all smartphones are android or iPhones. There are different types of smartphones.

And the focus of this post will be on the differences between smartphones, android and iPhones.

What is the Difference Between Smartphones, iPhones and Androids?


Smartphones are made by different brands. It is a known fact that iPhones are made by Apple only. We are not counting the fake iPhones here though.

iphone and samsung
iPhone and Samsung

Android smartphones, however, are made by numerous different manufacturers. Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi, etc, all make android smartphones.


Every smartphone has different hardware which depends on the manufacturer. iPhone smartphones use a different processor than Android smartphones.

The iPhone uses Apple’s A-series processors. Whiles Android smartphones either use a Snapdragon, Exynos or Mediatek processor.

When it comes to the rest of the hardware. They are similar but different.

Similar because android and iPhone smartphones are going to have similar hardware in the same tier – budget, mid and flagship – with a few differences here and there.

For example, the hardware difference in budget smartphones is not going to be that different.

But, flagship or high-end smartphones have hardware that is different from budget and mid-priced smartphones. You are talking about better build quality, camera quality and more features.

Operating System

Another major difference between smartphones, android and iPhones is the software. You see smartphones come in different operating systems.

Android smartphones are called that because they run on the Android OS made by Google.

That means a Samsung smartphone which has an Android OS is an Android smartphone. The same applies to all smartphones that run on Android OS.

Moreover, android is an open-source operating system. Hence the reason why so many smartphones from different brands run on android.

iPhones, on the other hand, runs on iOS which was made by Apple for their smartphones. The iOS system is found only on iPhones.

You won’t find a Samsung smartphone that has an iOS operating system.

Android and iOS are not the only operating systems found on smartphones. Windows, Blackberry OS and Harmony OS developed by Huawei are all operating systems that can be found on smartphones.

Though they are not common since android and iOS are far more popular.


Smartphone apps vary greatly depending on the operating system. It might be that certain apps are made for Android smartphones only or iPhones only.

In certain cases, you might find the same app on both devices. Gmail and WhatsApp are smartphone apps that can be found on all the app stores or smartphones.

Plus, android smartphones have more apps than iPhones. This is because Google is not so strict about the type and number of apps it allows on the Play Store.

But, Apple strictly monitors the type of apps allowed on its App Store.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better iPhone or Smartphone?

None is better because an iPhone is a smartphone. It’s like asking the question, which is better a Toyota or a car?

Difference Between iPhone and Android

The operating system is the major difference between an iPhone and Android. iPhones use iOS for their smartphones and android use android OS or versions.

Both operating systems are very different in terms of apps, user interface, etc.

Another major difference is the manufacturer. iPhones are solely made by Apple and it’s only their smartphones that have iOS.

Android, on the other hand, is open-source software so any manufacturer can make a smartphone with an Android OS.

What is the Difference Between a Smartphone and an Android?

There is no difference. An android is a smartphone. This is like asking the question, what’s the difference between a car and a Nissan?

Is iPhone a Smartphone or Android?

An iPhone is a smartphone, not an android.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones are the umbrella term given to mobile phones that function as a computer. Any mobile phone no matter the manufacturer or operating system.

So far as it functions like a computer or can connect to the internet it is a smartphone.

And so going by this explanation, Android phones and iPhones are smartphones because they exhibit this functionality.

But, Android and iPhones are not the same because of the manufacturer, hardware, operating system and apps.

The same applies to the different types of smartphones found on the market. Windows and Blackberry OS phones are smartphones but they are not the same.

That’s it for the differences between a smartphone, android and iPhone.