2 Ways on How To Hear Yourself Through Headphones on iPhone in 2024

By: Editorial Team

For one reason or another, you would like to hear yourself while you have your headphones on, essentially playing the audio that your microphone is picking up live. Today we’re going to let you know how you can do that on an iPhone.

Why Hearing Yourself Through Your Headphones Is A Good idea?

When someone asks, “How can I hear myself singing through headphones on my iPhone?” There is always at least one person that is completely confused about the possible reasons behind having such a request.

Some people sing or record a podcast, which makes it vital for them to hear their own voice and the audio that is experienced in the environment at all times.

Sometimes, you have noise-isolating headphones, and you have a tough time manoeuvring around the fact of how loud you need to be on a phone call, so the live response is a great way to get feedback when you need it.

How Can I Hear Myself In My Headphones?

Live Listen

iPhones have perfect settings for this particular issue, and you can solve it effortlessly. You can turn on a feature called Live Listen, but only with AirPods and Powerbeats.

In addition to that, you have to update your iOS to the iOS 12 version, or anything after that.

First, you enter Settings, then Control Center. You then tap the Customize Controls option and click the green plus sign near the Hearing button that is beside a drawing of an ear. You tap Back, and then you exit and proceed with your listening experience.

What are the audio settings on my iPhone that will help me to use this feature?

If you want to use Live Listen, you have to open the Control Center and then tap the ear icon. After that, you tap on Live Listen.

You will have to put the device in front of the person you would like to hear in the headphones, and then you will probably have to adjust the volume. This is also the same way you turn off the feature.

If you have trouble connecting the device with the headset, you have to make sure the headphones are charged and that your Bluetooth is on.

Third-Party Apps

Those who don’t have these specific earbuds or a device with iOS 12 or higher usually opt for third-party apps like Megaphone or Microphone Live.

However, these can sometimes be a little bit buggy, and there are no free Bluetooth features. We are not sponsored by any of these, we just stumbled upon them while researching possible workaround.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have solved your problem of not hearing yourself on your own headphones.

Make sure to do everything, as we said, step-by-step.