AMD vs Intel For SOLIDWORKS 2024: Which is Better?

By: Editorial Team

Both INTEL and AMD manufacture processors and graphic cards which would run SolidWorks excellently. The high-end CPUs and GPUs from these companies trade blows frequently.

Performance difference mostly resides between 1.5% and 4% depending on the kind of task which is being run by the CPU.

Example: In a rendering test, an AMD processor would beat the INTEL chips, simply because of a higher core count. However, the intel is not far behind in the test simply because of its higher CPU speed.

There are certain tasks that Intel can perform better, there are also others which AMD handles much easier. It is advisable to do extensive research against the kind of workloads you would be running.

Intel processors are preferred for single-core loads since they have a much higher operational frequency, which is perfect for design & modelling.

AMD are better at rendering & simulation since SolidWorks can take advantage of the many cores.

The fact of the matter is that either option would work with SolidWorks, because of their many cores and high CPU speed.

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Yes. If you are interested in SolidWorks as a professional, it is very important that you use a high-end processor such as the AMD Ryzen 7 & 9.

If you are rendering, get AMD as more the cores with better clock speed which cuts down render times. AMD offers an excellent core/price ratio to Intel.

Which Processor is Best for SOLIDWORKS Intel or Ryzen?

Both offer comparable performance. Although each load affects the chips in different ways, the results of a stress test, prove that either a high-end Intel or AMD processor would work perfectly, since the performance difference is not large enough.

AMD vs NVIDIA GPU Rendering Performance

Is Ryzen 5 Enough for SOLIDWORKS?

An AMD Ryzen 5 is recommended for individuals, whose SolidWorks assemblies are on the smaller side, with renderings and design being simple.

If your assemblies are large and render are geometrically complex, it would be too much for the Ryzen 5 to handle and severely affect the performance.

If your assembles are midsized, and your designs are slightly more complex, you would need to upgrade to an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7.


SolidWorks runs on both CPUs and GPUs from AMD. However, it’s only certified professional AMD graphics cards which will work without any reliability issues.

Is Graphics Important For SOLIDWORKS?

SolidWorks needs a professional certified graphics card, in order to run at its maximum capabilities.

A certified card comes with specific configurations, which enable them to function properly with CAD workloads. Most certified GPUs come with drivers which improve the stability of SolidWorks.

These drivers even improve the performance of other related CAD software.

GPUs are in charge of displaying 3D renders and simulations on your monitor. Most of the animations are handled by the GPU.

Processors come with integrated graphics cards but they lack the power to render geometrically complex designs. That is why there’s a need for a graphics card.

Depending on your type of workload, your graphics card would have to match in performance.

Example: You are rendering a 3D model in SolidWorks at 4K resolution. In order to do so properly, you would need a certified card that would handle 4K renders with ease.

Can Ryzen 7 Run SOLIDWORKS?

An AMD Ryzen 7 would handle SolidWorks comfortably. Ryzen 7 are 8-core CPUs, and as stated earlier, any kind of rendering and simulation workload would make use of most, if not all the cores on the Ryzen 7 chipset.

That does not make it a slouch on the single-core workload consisting of design and modelling. It offers a respectable performance to its Intel counterparts.

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Final Thoughts

It’s good to know the kind of CPU and GPU you would need when getting into SolidWorks, whether as a professional or a student.

So far as the Intel or AMD hardware meet the system requirements for SolidWorks you are good to go.