Is XIM Apex Cheating in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

A lot of gamers consider XIM Apex cheating whilst others don’t. But, is using a XIM cheating?

In some scenarios, yes and others no.

Here’s what you need to know about using XIM Apex console and whether it’s cheating.

What Is XIM Apex Used For?

XIM Apex is an input adapter that allows you to connect a mouse and keyboard to a console.

This opens up options for you especially if you aren’t comfortable or great at using a controller.

Just like a joystick, XIM Apex makes keyboards and mice an alternative control method for consoles.

Is XIM Apex Cheating?

Some people consider XIM Apex cheating whiles others don’t. XIM Apex allows you to connect peripheral devices (keyboard and mouse) to consoles (PlayStation and Xbox).

Keyboards and mice have superior movement and aiming compared to controllers. Hence the reason why some people consider it cheating is due to the massive advantage gotten.

Some games consider using XIM Apex cheating like Apex Legends whilst other games like Cold War don’t.

To consider it cheating, you have to look at what’s allowed in the game and not. If it’s allowed, then it’s not. On the other hand, if it isn’t then it’s cheating.

Can You Get Banned For Using XIM?

Some games don’t condone using XIM and so you can be banned if caught.

Can You Aimbot With XIM Apex?

Yes, you can.

XIM Apex Aim Assist

Can XIM Apex Be Detected?

XIM Apex can be almost impossible to detect. You can go for months or years without anyone suspecting you using it.

Most players who get caught either reveal the use of XIM on forums, messages or chat or have their gameplay observed for a long time.

The first is due to a slip of tongue resulting in an instant ban and the second can take months. Hence the reason why so many players who use MnK on console haven’t been caught.

Will XIM Apex Work On PS5?

XIM Apex works on PS5 but not right out of the box. You have to make changes to the firmware to successfully work by downloading the XIM Apex BETA manager companion app.

Does XIM Apex Have Aim Assist?

Yes, Xim Apex has an aim assist which you can enable or disable.

Is Using A XIM On R6 Cheating?

A lot of gamers consider using XIM on R6 cheating. Although it’s not outright cheating but just an alternative control method like a joystick.

The massive advantage you get with a mouse and keyboard because of sensitivity and accurate movements over controllers makes console players consider XIM cheating.