How To Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox One

By: Editorial Team

Sticky or stuck buttons on a gaming controller are a typical problem for gamers. If key control buttons do not respond quickly enough, playing whole games might be challenging. Fortunately, this is a straightforward fix for any techie with the right tools and a little perseverance. Take our word; buying a new remote will be more straightforward and less costly.

What Brings About Sticky Buttons On An Xbox Controller?

Do the sticky buttons on your Xbox One Wireless Controller take longer to pop back up than usual? The buttons on Xbox One Wireless Controllers may become caught or get sticky due to various issues. To find and fix the issue, look into the various reasons listed below.

1. Faulty button

After removing any dirt, the buildup may break the buttons if your Xbox One Wireless Controller’s buttons are still sticky. You may swap out the buttons, coverings, or gaskets using the Xbox One Wireless Controller Button Replacement Guide.

2.  Dust build-up

Buttons may become sticky if dirt or sugar accumulates in their crevices. Access the buttons on the controller by using the Xbox One Wireless Controller Button Replacement Guide. Clean out the nooks of any dust or sugar buttons with a moist cotton swab.

3.   Faulty Motherboard

The switches on your Xbox One Wireless Controller may need to be changed if the buttons continue to malfunction. Use the Xbox Wireless Controller Motherboard Replacement Guide. You must swap out the controller’s motherboard to replace the switches.

4 Easy Fixes For Sticky Buttons On Xbox One

To fix the sticky controller keys, there are a few tried-and-true methods. Which one to use depends on your degree of comfort and how awful your controller is.

1.  Repair of the Xbox controller

The last resort for a thoroughly jammed control system is to take it to a repair professional for a free diagnostic. A controller will inform you of the problem and if a fix is possible once a technician disassembles the Xbox.


  • Cleaning may be done using cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.
  • Be gentle while handling the gadget.
  • Employing the appropriate repair tools.


  • The use of water.
  • Use a lot of force.
  • Attempt DIY without proper expertise.

2.  Use Q-Tips And Alcohol To Clean Around Buttons.

If you discover any stickiness or a dropped object on the controller, all you need to do is wipe the buttons. Grab some rubbing alcohol and Q-tips for this simple cleaning instruction.

  • Start by unplugging the controller.
  • Dab off any extra rubbing alcohol after dipping the Q-tip in it.
  • Using the Q-tip, rub the stuck-on button multiple times, going as deep into the nooks and crannies as possible.
  • When you’ve done everything, you can to wipe up the space, push the button a few hundred times to massage the rubbing alcohol into the crevice and release any leftover debris.
  • If the button remains stuck, try the previous steps or a different approach from the list below.

You must avoid using alcohol to harm the circuitry of the controller since rubbing alcohol readily evaporates. Avoid cleaning the controller with water since it penetrates and damages the circuitry and corrosion.

3.  Consider An Xbox Controller Replacement

If none of these remedies have worked or your controller is still covered by warranty, you may always get a new one.

Suppose your device is still covered by warranty and registered. In that case, you may initiate a service order to contact Microsoft for more assistance. Suppose a warranty no longer covers the product. In that case, you may try bringing it to a nearby repair shop or buying a new controller.

4.  Disassemble And Clean The Xbox One Controller

The device’s stuck gaming controller button may be removed as a backup solution. Since it requires taking out the controller’s motherboard, you can only perform this if you have previous expertise in disassembling electronics.

Dismantling the Xbox controller

You may disassemble the controller and give it a good cleaning from the inside out if rubbing alcohol hasn’t fixed the problem and you’re feeling adventurous.

Please remember that this is a considerably more complicated task and will almost probably invalidate any warranty you may have. Of course, if the controller is no longer under warranty or is so stuck that you cannot use it, you can believe that using this approach has nothing to lose.

You should ensure you have the necessary tools before starting since this is not a task for the timid.

Preventing Sticky Controller Problems

If you’ve solved your sticky controller difficulty, you’re undoubtedly seeking ideas to keep them feeling new. Here are the most effective methods for maintaining an excellent response to your control buttons:

  • Do not eat or drink while playing: keep your controller’s food and drink out of reach. You’re less likely to muck up or spill your controller.
  • Keep your hands clean: hand oil may make the controller sticky, so keep your hands clean between games.
  • Keep your storage space dust-free: It is critical for your PC to keep your gaming area and the location where your gaming system is kept dust-free.

You should retain these practices in your Xbox One and PS4 loaders. If your issue continues, please leave a comment below, or if you have a fresh suggestion to address this mistake, please share it with us.


1. How Do You Fix Sticky Buttons On Xbox One Controller Without Taking Them Apart?

The movement of a static magnetic field from its optimum location is known as stick drift. It may result from changes in the Earth’s magnetic field or currents in metal items near the magnet.

You may attempt a few things to try to cure controller drift without disassembling your controller. First, try recalibrating your controller according to the directions in the handbook for your console. If it doesn’t work, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the thumb sticks and buttons on your controller. You may need to replace your controller’s joystick or buttons if it doesn’t work.

We’ve other things you may attempt to solve if your Xbox One controller has sticky buttons. Another method is to wipe out the button contacts with a can of compressed air. To clean the contacts, use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. If none of those ways work, you may have to disassemble the controller and physically clean the contacts.

2. An Xbox One Controller That Is Jammed: What Do You Do?

If your Xbox One controller is stuck, disconnect it from the system and reconnect. If that does not work, you may reset the controller by holding the power button for 10 seconds. If it still doesn’t work, the controller may need to be replaced.

3. How Do You Fix An Xbox One Controller Drift That Is Sticky?

There are a few things you can attempt to remedy a squeaky Xbox One controller. The first step is to inspect the controller for cleanliness. Clean the interior of the controller where the joystick is with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. The joystick may then be lubricated. A few drops of WD-40 should be enough. Finally, try repositioning the joystick.

4. A Sticky Switch Button: How Is It Repaired?

You can repair a stuck switch button via different approaches. The first method is to clear out the button using compressed air. The second option is to wipe the button using a toothpick or needle. The third option is to wipe out the button with a cotton swab and a tiny bit of contact cleaner.

5. What Does The Xbox R Button Do?

On Xbox, the R button activates the controller’s “Rumble” function. This function makes the controller vibrate, giving the player feedback.

6. Xbox Controller RT Unsticking Technique

You may need to clean your Xbox One controller if it is not functioning correctly. You should use a gentle, dry towel to wipe the controller. If the issue remains, the RT button may need to be unstuck.

You’ll need a little flathead screwdriver to unstick the RT button. Pry up the black rubber button cover on the controller’s rear gently. There should be two metallic connections visible.

7. How Should An Xbox One Controller Be Cleaned?

Because Xbox One controllers are not waterproof, they cannot be immersed in water and expect to be clean. To clean an Xbox One controller, wipe it down with a slightly wet towel. If there is any debris or dust within the controller, you may carefully remove it with a cotton swab.

There are many methods for cleaning sticky buttons on electrical devices. One option is to use a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton swab. A toothpick soaked in vinegar is another option.

8. Is The Xbox One Controller Calibratable?

You may calibrate your Xbox One controller. To do so, hold the button on your controller while selecting “Settings.” Then click on “Controller.” You may then pick “Calibrate” from the menu.

9. A Stuck Button: How Do You Fix IT?

You may fix a stuck button in a variety of ways. One method is to wriggle the button out with a toothpick or a needle. If it doesn’t work, you might try heating the button and loosening it with a hair drier. If it doesn’t work, try WD-40 or another lubricant to loosen it up.