What To Do To Fix Sound Delay On Vizio Tv

By: Editorial Team

Some top-of-the-line smart TVs available are made by Vizio. You can access the highest quality streams of a variety of media material. To get quality audio, you can link soundbars to Vizio TV. However, occasionally, while watching a movie or TV show on the TV, you could experience an audio delay. While watching media content, you won’t feel comfortable if the sound and visuals are not correctly synchronized. You must be able to resolve the sound delay issue on your Vizio Smart TV to prevent this issue. The following guide could help you resolve this issue.

1. Lip Sync Adjustment

  • Pick sound from the menu selections after pressing the Menu button on the remote.
  • Locate and select the Lip Sync Adjustment option.
  • The options are 0.0 to 5.0. Change to 2.5 before you can save your choice.
  • Now, turn off the linked TV gadgets and your smart TV.
  • Check for the sound delay after a while by turning on all the devices and starting any video.

2. Turning Surround Sound Off

  • On your Vizio smart TV remote, choose the “Menu” button.
  • Search for “Surround Sound” as you scroll down.
  • Choose ‘Off’ from the menu.

3. Disable Audio And Video Processing

Navigate to the soundbar’s equalizer settings menu.

  • Go to the presets, such as the commercials and videos.
  • Choose the option for Dialogue Volume Leveler, Enhancers, or Virtual 3D.
  • Turn off every setting and check if your Vizio Smart TV’s sound delay issue is resolved.

4. Change The TV’s Audio Format.

To solve the issue, you must determine whether the audio unpacking process is working well so that your sound bar can sync with the audio. You must use the television and audio settings for this.

  • Instead of the bit stream, Dolby, or another audio format, you must choose PCM for it.
  • This may resolve the issue with your Vizio smart TV’s audio delay.

5. Change The HDMI Ports

  • There are several HDMI ports with the labels HDMI5, HDMI4, etc. In some Vizio Smart TVs with low latency gaming mode. Although the low latency mode is nice, you must use a separate port when playing HDR films since the sound delays.

6. Adjusting Low Latency Mode

If the TV takes a while to process the picture and sound, which travels through several circuits before being seen on the screen or heard through the speakers, latency occurs. As a result, there can be a delay between hearing and seeing on your TV. Low latency enables the hardware configuration that the picture becomes smooth and won’t require the highest acceleration, allowing the sound to be correctly tuned. It is preferable to disable low latency.

7. Firmware Update For TV

If you encounter such problems due to an incompatibility with software upgrades or a subpar update given by the firm, you should manually update your TV. Follow the below steps to update;

  • Start by switching on the television. There is a good chance that you’ll be required to look for and install updates right away after the installation. To complete your update, adhere to the on-screen instructions. If you need to locate and install any required firmware upgrades but are not prompted to do so, follow the instructions below.
  • Make a Wi-Fi connection. If you haven’t yet received automatic updates from Vizio, probably, your television isn’t connected to the Internet. Press the Menu button on your television to open the main menu, then scroll down to the Network option on the left-hand side of the screen to connect to your home network.
  •  Input your network password before choosing your Wi-Fi network from the Network Settings menu. After selecting of a Wi-Fi network, the Network Settings menu will open.
  • After connecting to your home network, you may verify your connection to ensure there are no other connectivity issues that would make an update hard to complete. Once any networking issues have been resolved and are connected, go back to the main menu and choose “Update Now” to start the update procedure.
  • From the drop-down box, choose Settings. Please pick the System menu from the main menu to go there. Information about the system If two choices under the System menu apply to your scenario, check for system updates.
  • Make sure the version number is accurate. If you are unsure of the version of the operating system you are currently running, you may use the System Information option to find out. The word “Version” refers to the firmware version installed on the television and appears immediately below the model name.
  • Examine any potential fresh updates that are offered. When you’re prepared to update the software on your Vizio TV, select the first option under the System menu, “Check for Updates.”
  • Start the update installation process. As soon as you decide, the system will start downloading the most recent version. An on-screen notification will display the version number for the downloaded update and the installed software.
  • The TV must restart to continue installing the update when it has finished downloading. A splash screen that shows the status of the installation will also appear.
  • The television will automatically start up again when that operation is complete. The update is installed, and a further message describes some of the new features enabled on your Vizio TV.

8.  Presence Of A Minor Glitch

It’s usual for newer TVs occasionally to have technical difficulties. Your Vizio TV’s audio may be out of sync because of a bug. If there is a problem, the sound should be out of sync for a brief time until it becomes synced. If the sound is out of sync for an extended period, there may not only be a malfunction.

9. The Audio For The Show Itself Is Delayed.

If you switch between channels and shows and there is no audio delay, it could have happened on its own. There is nothing you can do about certain shows’ poor audio quality. The only option if a program is streaming and the audio and picture are not in sync is to switch programs.

Below Are Other Frequently Asked Questions Involving Vizio Hardware Issues.

1. I Am Experiencing A Blank Display With A LIT Indicator

The most typical issue with your Vizio TV is this one. This issue affects more than just Vizio TV; it also affects other streaming devices and quite a few other TVs. Even when your TV is on, the indicator light is on, you will be able to view a blank screen. You will be required to use the rear screen because it won’t obey any commands you issue via the remote control.

If you’ve had a hard day and want to relax on your couch with a movie or your favorite TV show, this problem might be a real pain for you. However, this problem is not too difficult to resolve, and a restart will fix it. The TV should be turned off by pushing the power button on the remote control. After doing so, you’ll need to unhook the TV’s power cord to turn it off. Once you’ve finished, you may connect the power cable back in, which will assist you in getting it to function ideally for you.

2. My Remote Control Is Not Functioning

The remote could suddenly stop functioning with the Vizio TV, which can be annoying if you are sitting on the sofa trying to watch your favorite movie or simply surfing the stations. This is another common problem that you will run into with the Vizio TV. The remote’s batteries are the most frequent cause of issues. Simply said, batteries lose their capacity with time, and you must be sure you replace them at regular intervals.

If you have tried changing the batteries and it still isn’t performing as you may have anticipated, there may be an issue with the remote that needs to be checked. Remotes frequently experience problems like these, which are usually simple to develop. This is brought about by humidity, shock, and a variety of other factors.

You must ensure that your remote is checked, or it would be preferable to replace it with a remote that is an identical match because it is more practical and economical as a long-term fix for the issue you are experiencing.

3. Despite Being Connected To Wi-Fi, I Cannot Access The Internet.

You can be dealing with yet another typical problem with the Vizio TV. Vizio TV goes above and beyond regular TVs and gives you internet access. The SmartCast OS has a variety of streaming and other programs that let you get the most out of your Vizio TV. First off, rather than being an issue with your Vizio TV, this can be a problem with your router and internet connection. The Wi-Fi network on the router is all that is linked to a Wi-Fi connection implies.

This allows the Vizio TV to talk with the router, however, internet access is dependent on your ISP. Because of this, you must first confirm that your router is receiving the proper internet coverage by connecting a different device to the same Wi-Fi network and verifying the coverage on it. Once you’ve resolved that, you’ll be able to see whether there is anything wrong with the internet needing to be solved.