How To Fix a Broken PoPsocket

By: Editorial Team

Customizable grips called Popsockets are attached to the rear of your phone. If you own one, you know how much more convenient it is to use your phone. Fortunately, Popsockets are strong and are often repairable when they break.

To keep the mounting base of your Popsocket sticky, it sometimes has to be cleaned. A Popsocket may be put back together by simply snapping the remaining components if the mounting base is still in place. You won’t need to buy a new one if you keep it up properly.

Here are 3 ways how you can fix that broken PoPsocket at home.

Solution 1: Reassembling a Popsocket Funnel

1. If The Popsocket Cap Is Still On, Press On The Tabs To Remove It.

Push on one of the tabs with the hand that is holding the funnel. Make certain it exits the funnel’s hole. After that, please remove it from the funnel so it won’t get stuck again. To remove the cap, carry out the same procedure as the other tabs.

Since a Popsocket cap has four tabs, repeating this procedure four times will remove it. Popsockets are designed to be disassembled, so doing so won’t harm them.

Reattaching the funnel requires that you completely remove the cap. Putting the funnel piece back on the base after reinstalling the cap is necessary if yours is already off.

2. Set The Funnel On Top Of The Sticky Note On Your Phone.

The pad has a hole in the middle and serves as the Popsocket’s base. The funnel should be turned so that the smaller end is facing down. Then, please insert it into the gap. Hold it there for the time being; it won’t lock in place immediately.

The Popsocket must first be installed because the pad keeps it fastened to your phone. Clean it to reattach it if it has fallen off.

3. Turn The Popsocket Funnel Counterclockwise Until It locks In place.

Holding the funnel vertically will keep it level over the base. To keep it in place, press your thumb down in the middle of it. Then, using your free hand, start rotating it. It will snap into position after about one-fourth of a turn.

Pulling the funnel slightly away from the base will allow you to test the Popsocket. You won’t be able to move it if it has snapped to the base without yanking it off your phone.

It doesn’t matter which way the Popsocket is turned. It will still lock in place if you prefer to turn it the other way around.

4. Insert The Cap’s Tabs Into The Holes On The Funnel To Complete The Installation.

Around the top edge of the funnel, there are four tiny holes. If you look straight down into the funnel, you can see them. One at a time, insert the tabs into the holes to replace the cap. The others are much simpler to secure once you’ve inserted the first tab.

Attempt to remove the cap from the funnel after it has been connected. You won’t be able to move it if every tab is inserted into its respective hole. If you can lift any portion of the cap, locate the loose tap and tighten it to prevent the cap from coming off.

Since every Popsocket cap has the same setup, you may modify yours using a different cap. It just takes a few seconds to remove the cap and replace it with a new one.

Solution 2: Replacing a Popsocket Cap

1. Find The Slots At The Upper Edge Of The Popsocket Funnel.

A funnel-shaped element that rests on top of your phone’s adhesive base is the primary component of a Popsocket. Its rim features four tiny holes evenly spaced apart. Four identical tabs on the cap slip into these holes to keep it attached to the funnel.

The portion of the funnel that covers the bigger aperture is known as the Popsocket cap. Unless you have a plain Popsocket, it is the portion with the image.

Replace the funnel if it has been removed before reattaching the top.

2. Integrate The Tabs Of The Cap Into The Funnel’s Accessible Slots.

Place the cap over the funnel while inserting the tabs one at a time. Tilt the cap just a little bit to fit the tab through the opening. After the first one is in, go to a tab next to it and insert it as well. Repeat the process with the remaining tabs to seal the cap’s other end.

Carefully attach a cap. Take your time to prevent replacing the whole item, even if you are unlikely to damage the funnel or one of the tabs.

3. Press The Cap Down Until You Hear It Click Into Place.

Take hold of your phone firmly. Hold the case’s edges to prevent applying pressure on the screen. Next, use your thumb or palm to apply pressure firmly on the cap. Watch out for a loud pop. It signals that your Popsocket is intact and ready for use, just as its name implies.

The caps on pop sockets can be changed, so whatever cap you have will fit over your funnel. You may effortlessly snap off the current cap if you feel like testing a fresh look.

Solution 3: Securing a Loose Popsocket Base

1. To Clean The Popsocket, Turn On A Sink Faucet, And Run Warm Water.

Check the temperature after letting the water flow for a little while. Make sure it’s not too hot, just a little bit warm. Popsockets are simple to clean. However, hot water could damage the material, while cold water isn’t as efficient.

Another option is to use water to wash the Popsocket by pouring it into a glass or basin. However, cleaning is simpler when there is flowing water.

2. Wet The Popsocket Base By Dipping It Into The Water.

Could you put it in the sticky water side down? If your Popsocket is intact, you may submerge it completely and let it soak for a little while. It won’t harm the substance. In any other case, make sure the adhesive foundation is moist so you may scrape it clean.

Popsockets can be securely submerged in water, although it’s not necessary. So that it dries faster, just gently clean it.

3. Use Your Fingers To Rub The Popsocket To Eliminate Any Debris On The Adhesive Base.

Put your thumb in the water, then circle the base in a circular motion. Repeat this for 30 to 60 seconds to remove most of the debris. Next, feel the base’s lower half to see whether anything is remaining adhered to. Up until the base is clean, continue rubbing it with a wet Popsocket and finger.

A Popsocket will inevitably get filthy if you remove it from your phone. Fortunately, if you clear the obstructions getting in the way, it will often stick back on.

Wipe off the remainder of the Popsocket while you’re cleaning the base. Rinse out the funnel inside after removing the cap.

4. Lay A Cloth Over The Popsocket And Let It Air Dry For Ten Minutes.

Choose a location in your room that is outside yet shielded from the sun. After laying out a fresh towel, shake the Popsocket to get rid of as much water as you can. Wait with it on the towel.

The manufacturer advises reattaching the base within 15 minutes to prevent drying out. Although some users let the base dry out longer without any issues, it may make it difficult for the Popsocket to connect to your phone.

Be cautious not to place the adhesive side of the Popsocket on your towel, or else you could find it difficult to remove the Popsocket from it!

5. To Connect The Popsocket To Your Phone, Reattach The Base.

The back of your phone should be facing up. Then firmly push the base’s adhesive side against it. A quarter turn in the clockwise direction locks the funnel into the little hole at the base after inserting it there. To complete reassembling your Popsocket, lay the cap on top and insert its tabs into the funnel’s tiny holes.

To make sure the Popsocket sticks, let your phone be with you for roughly an hour.

Please pick up the Popsocket and thoroughly test it after an hour. It needs to remain fastened to your phone. You may need to get a new one if cleaning it doesn’t always work.

Rub your phone with a towel dipped in rubbing alcohol to eliminate any goo that may have gotten on it from the base.


Although it is possible to glue a Popsocket to your phone, doing so is not advised since it makes it impossible to remove the Popsocket again. Certain glues, such as hot glue, may also harm your phone cover.

Before putting in a new Popsocket base, clean your phone case with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Clean surfaces are preferable for the base to adhere to.

Pull up one side of an old Popsocket base by hand to remove it. The remainder pulls off effortlessly after a portion has been removed from your phone case.