7 Best Headphones For Glasses Wearers in 2021

Wearing a pair of glasses changes everything especially the comfort when it comes to headphones. Because of this most headphones or already owned headphones will cause discomfort and irritation. Since the headphones will push against your glasses which in turn will push against your temple. This reduces the comfort and how long you can wear … Read more

6 Best Headphones For Blue Yeti

Mics especially Blue Yeti because of its ease of use are mostly used for streams, recording, video calls, etc. And the use of headphones with a microphone enhances your experience. Unfortunately, not every headphone can be paired with Blue Yeti. There are certain things to consider when selecting a headphone. However, we have done most … Read more

6 Best Headphones For Peloton Bike

Peloton – stationary bikes – are great pieces of exercising equipment. And used correctly can increase your cardiovascular health and blast the fat off your body. Just like most sports activities and exercises, having headphones are a great way to enjoy the activity. Plus, some music put you in the “zone” and make you go … Read more