VR Headsets You Can Buy in 2022

By: Editorial Team

VR headsets are literally everyone’s favorite and almost every gamer keeps an eye out for the latest one to be released every year.

They have changed the way we interact and view the world around us.

However, sadly, there isn’t a large selection from where you can choose the best VR headset nonetheless, the options we have are excellent and make us drool over them.

The world of VR is definitely at its advancement stage and we can definitely expect more changes to come
in the next coming years or even months.

The thing is, to have a complete quality experience of a VR headset, you must make sure that
you have the right internet connection for gaming.

And no one can beat fiber internet when it
comes to superfast speed with a low latency rate.

Not only this, if you want to get the best signal strength to your gaming den in the house then look for a reputable router for fiber internet that can ensure that your connection will not suffer intense lagging and will maintain speed so you can enjoy your games.

Having said that, let’s move forward and talk about the VR headsets you can buy in 2022.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 is a phenomenal headset that shows a significant improvement from its
predecessor – Oculus Quest.

Essentially, it is a seamless all-in-one VR system that you can
easily connect to PCs. Oculus Quest 2 is capable of room-scale and hosts a large library of apps.

The design of this VR headset is evidently slicker and offers even better display resolution with a
refresh rate of 12Hz.

It is self-contained and offers a great experience in touch controllers. We all
want a comfortable design and this VR headset gives us exactly that. It delivers virtual reality
games with an incredible experience.

You can expect it to be faster than one can imagine and
that too an affordable price rate.

All in all, this VR headset is versatile as it does its job perfectly and it could turn out to be one of
your wisest investments.

HP Reverb G2

HP Reverb G2 offers an impressive high-resolution display with incredible audio quality. The
design of this VR design is as comfortable as it can get.

This gadget can soon become every gamer’s ultimate favorite primarily because of its image quality. Its amazing resolution comes at one of the best prices in the market especially considering the fact that it is lightweight, and has tremendous speakers that are designed by Valve.

Currently, the price of this VR headset is around $600 which is arguably more affordable than
some other headsets available in the market.

PlayStation VR

For all those gamers who want to play VR games on a console then let us tell you, the
PlayStation VR system is definitely going to be your preferred choice.

It has one of the best-looking headsets that give a futuristic impression and with that look, you might think that it is not comfortable but no, this headset is quite easy to use.

In addition to this, it hosts some of the most
amazing games such as Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Batman: Arkham VR, and many other
popular ones.

With this VR headset, you don’t need to buy a high-end PC because it works perfectly with PS4
and PS4 Pro, which is quite a cost-effective option.

Even without investing that much money, you will still end up getting a high-end experience.

HTC Vive

Brace yourself for one of the smoothest graphics you can ever experience with little to no

This VR headset not only looks stunning but also offers fantastic features like touch
controllers that are extremely easy to use and the best part is that HTC Vive hosts one of the
largest libraries of games.

We can already feel your excitement from the screen.

You must have watched those commercials where the users would move around while they had a
VR headset on, and you must have thought to yourself, “what does it feel like to experience that
kind of virtual reality?”

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because, with this headset, it is going to be pretty difficult for you to sit at one place without moving.

So, don’t wait and up and start saving now so you can get your hands on HTC Vive before
anyone else.

To Sum Up

Virtual-Reality headsets provide you with a futuristic experience and let’s be honest, online
video games are supposed to be like this.

The aforementioned headsets are the kind of investment you will not regret making in 2022. So, get your wallet ready and start shopping for one of the coolest VR headsets of this year.