4 Ways on How to Make Headphones Fit Tighter

By: Editorial Team

What do you do if my headphones are too big? Loose over-ear or on-ear headphones can be a problem.

Because headphones that keep falling result in an annoying experience. It might be that your headphone is too large or the clamping force might be small.

Here are 4 ways on how to make your headphones fit tight.

How Do You Fix Headphones That Are Too Big?

If your headphones won’t stay on your head. Here are four ways on how to make your headphones fit tighter.

Replace The Earpads

Smaller earpads can make headphones loose-fitting. Swapping out the earpads for thicker headphones will make them fit tighter.

Because larger earpads take up a lot of space. However, not all headphones have replaceable earpads.

Check if your headphone’s earpads can be replaced and look for the right earpads for the headphone model.

Replace The Headband

Not all headphones can have their headband replaced. Kindly check with the manufacturer if your headphones headband can be replaced.

If it can replace the current headband with a thicker headband will make it more comfortable and fit securely. The thick cushion takes up space leaving less for loose-fitting.

Use an Elastic Band

This is by way the easiest fix. Wear the headphones and wrap an elastic band around them. This introduces a greater clamping force that makes the headphones tighter.

Clamping force is simply what holds two things together. In the case of headphones, it determines how tight and secure when worn. Headphones with high clamping force are tight and secure fits.

Wear Glasses or Cap

It might be that you have a small head or ears wearing large headphones. Putting on a cap or wearing glasses can temporarily add size to your head.

This makes the headphone fit tighter and more securely.

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Reasons Why a Headphone Might Be Loose

Now you know how to solve the problem of loose or big headphones. However, knowing the causes might be a great way to prevent future problems.

Not Enough Clamping Force

Clamping force is what determines how tight or loose a headphone will be.

High clamping force in headphones is going to make it tight, fit securely, or uncomfortable to wear depending on your head and ear size.

Headphones with low clamping force are going to be loose. It’s always a good idea to get headphones with high clamping force and stretch them out by placing books between them.  

Small Head or Ears

A small head or ears might sometimes have the problem of loose headphones.

Choosing the right headphone size is important as sound quality.

Large headphones will always fit loosely or too big for small heads.

What to Do If The Above Methods Don’t Work?

What if you have done all the methods. But, your headphones still fit loosely? Instead of trying each one. Why not combine all the methods?

This will provide better results than using only one method. If combining all methods still doesn’t work. Then it might be time to get a smaller headphone.