Why Is My Printer Cutting Off The Bottom of Words and How To Fix

By: Editorial Team

There’s nothing worse than having a gadget you bought as a time-saver, money-saver, and stress-saver act up all of the time, resulting in additional worry and constant troubleshooting.

However, the problem of a printer cutting off the bottom of a page PDF or a printer cutting off the top of a page is a pretty common problem.

Let’s go through various solutions to this issue and answer the question – why is my printer cutting off the bottom of words?

Keep in mind, everyone will have a different problem and, therefore, a different solution.


We can often see an HP printer cutting off the bottom of a page, and many people are fast to judge the machine, but we should always check whether we have made a mistake first.

If you’re printing a web page, it’s possible that you need to switch the orientation of the page being printed.

Wrong Format

The problem with printing is that your printer has its own properties, usually somewhere within the control panel or its own software.

However, you can only change the printing properties in the actual printing processin the app where you print.

For instance, you might be printing through Chrome, where you set the A4 size as your printing size, but the device properties say that the printing size is set to A5 or Letter.

Fit to Paper

If you’re printing a PDF or a picture, you should see whether the “Fit to Size“ or “Fit to Paper“ option is available.

It can quickly fix the problem that occurs when a printer only prints top half of letters as well.


If nothing else seems to work, you should troubleshoot your device from the Control Panel in the software that the printer was bought with, or the Control Panel Printers & Scanners Right Click on Your Device Troubleshooting.


Check on the manufacturer’s website whether there have been any updates regarding your printing software or the drivers that help your printer and your device communicate.


Try to use an online DOC/DOCX to PDF or a DOC/DOCX to JPG converter to see whether the PDF (the end result) will look good or not.

If the PDF or the JPG file has words that are already cut off, that means the document has faulty margins or something similar. Try to copy-paste your text to another document in that case.

Page Setup

If the bottom of letters cut off in Word, open the File button and then Page Setup.

Try to mess around with the settings, including the margins (they have to be greater than 0, and you should make margins bigger in the area of the paper that gets cut off).

And the paper size (check whether the dimensions are okay or not).

Chrome Cache

If you’re printing through an internet browser, Chrome, try to click Settings More Settings Show Advanced Setting Reset Settings Reset. Sometimes the cache of a browser causes this issue, and the printer is skipping/cutting lines off because of that.

Brute Force

Your last resort is removing and reinstalling the cartridges, and resetting the printer by completely unplugging it and turning it off and then on. These minor technical issues usually get resolved easily.

Final Thoughts

If you’re asking yourself, “why is my printer cutting off the bottom of words?“ or “why is my printer only printing half of the words?“, these seven solutions might be the right way to go to fix the issue easily.