4 Ways on How To Remove Scratches MacBook in 2024

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Aluminium laptops are the most beautiful laptops on the market. Smooth finish, sleek design and minimalistic.

One of the many reasons why laptops like MacBooks, Dell XPS series, etc. are very popular amongst users.

In addition to that, they have the superb build quality and construction. But, these laptops have a downside. Prolonged use of aluminium laptops will inevitably get a lot of visible scratches.

It is bound to happen and makes your laptop less beautiful. However, there shouldn’t be cause for alarm because most of them can be removed. 

In this article, we will provide you with the four best ways how to remove scratches from MacBooks.

Different Types of Aluminum Scratches

Not all scratches are equal and can be grouped into three main groups depending on their “deepness”.  

Minor, Superficial or Light

These types of scratches are what we call surface scratches. They are light scratches and can be easily removed by wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.


The type of scratches removes the paint and exposes the underside. Plastic build laptops easily show these types of scratches.

Deep scratches or Groves

The most insidious and obvious type of scratches. To identify these scratches simply pass your hand over it. These have a rough and bumpy feel to them.  

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Don’t You Want Your MacBook To Look Like This?

4 Ways You Can Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptops and MacBooks

Here are five different ways or methods you can use to get rid of scratches.

Scratch Remover and Laptop Cleaners 

There are scratch remover products that can remove deep scratches from plastic and aluminium laptops. There are also scratch removers specified for MacBook laptops.

Apply a small amount of scratch remover product to a microfiber cloth. And proceed to remove the scratches by applying a fair amount of pressure.

You have to do this multiple times to completely get rid of scratches. This method is recommended for light to medium scratches, not deep scratches.

Laptop cleaners come in when you have to remove scratches from the display. Belkin Screen cleaning kit is a superb way of removing scratches from laptop and MacBook displays. 


Can toothpaste remove scratches? Yes!

Toothpaste is a popular homemade remedy for getting rid of a lot of things. And that includes scratches.

If you want to spend less while removing scratches on your aluminium laptop, you should try toothpaste.

It sounds strange that putting a pea-sized amount of toothpaste can remove scratches, but it has properties that can remove surface scratches. Also, toothpaste is always available in your house. 

How To Remove Scratches From A MacBook

Make sure that you use a decent amount of fluoride-free toothpaste and spread it on your laptop using a microfiber cloth when removing scratches.

Rub it gently by making a circular motion until the scratches are slowly removed. 

If you are done with removing the scratches using toothpaste, use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste gently. Once every toothpaste residue is cleared, let the surface dry.

Pro Tip: Mix the toothpaste with activated charcoal to get rid of stubborn or deep scratches. 

Baking Soda

Baking Soda – a bleaching agent – is another classic home remedy for removing scratches on aluminium surfaces.

You should be very careful about it since it is highly effective in removing scratches because if your metal laptop is painted too much will cause the surface colour of your laptop to fade.

Mix the baking soda with a small amount of water to form a pasty substance.  

Now, apply this mixture using a microfiber cloth and rub it gently on a scratched surface in a circular motion. Remove excess paste and residue using a damp cloth.

Removing Heavy Scratches Using Baking Soda and Lemon

Metallic Polish

The holy grail in removing deep scratches. This is mostly used for removing scratches on cars. Because cars are metallic you can use this on a metal laptop or MacBook.

This is kind of a last resort method where all else fails.  

A great way of getting rid of old, deep scratches and blemishes. Furthermore, it applies a layer of “polish” which gives it added protection from future scratches.

Metallic Polish is usually made in paste form. Apply the paste on a scratched surface of your aluminium laptop.

Then remove the excess paste using a microfiber cloth or dry cloth. It can easily remove scratches even the old ones.

For best results, apply it a second time. This will make it look shinier and the scratches will be gone.

Protecting Your Laptop or MacBook From Future Scratches

Make your MacBook look great again

Now that, we have gone over how to remove scratches from your aluminium laptop or MacBook.

You should put measures in place to prevent any future scratches. Here are 3 ways you can keep your laptop in pristine condition.

  1. Get a laptop sleeve. Just like screen protectors and cases on mobile phones. A laptop bag or sleeves prevent and protect your laptop from getting scratches. They serve as protection by being scratched instead of the laptop.
  1. Handle your laptop with care. Taking good care of your laptop and treating it right greatly reduces the chances of it getting scratched. You need to treat it very well to last a long time.
  1. Regularly clean your laptop. Occasional regular maintenance and cleaning will make your laptop look brand new and keep light scratches from turning into deep scratches.

How Do You Repair Deep Scratches In Aluminum Laptops?

Applying metallic polish, baking soda and toothpaste mixed with activated charcoal can help get rid or reduce deep scratches in aluminium laptops and Macbooks. 

For risk-takers, you can use sandpaper to polish and smoothen the surface of their laptop. But make sure to apply a polish or smooth finish when you are done. This method is not recommended though.

How Do You Remove Scratches From Metal Laptops or MacBooks? 

Following the steps outlined in this article can help you remove scratches from metal laptops.

You can make your aluminium laptop looks brand new by cleaning and polishing it every other day or week. If you noticed that your laptop has scratches, do the methods mentioned above.

Also, strictly do not use abrasive or abrasive chemical products, since it will fade or further scratch the surface of your laptop.

How Do You Polish Aluminum Without Scratching It?

You should always use a microfiber cloth when polishing aluminium laptops or MacBooks. It’s one of the recommended cleaning tools for laptops or electronic devices. 

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with the five best methods for removing scratches from your aluminium laptops. But, the best way to prevent deep scratches is to make sure they never happened in the first place. 

Laptops sleeves, bags and screen protectors are great ways to prevent scratches from forming. But in case of scratches do form on your laptop. The methods outlined here will work. 

That’s it for how to remove or fix scratches from MacBooks.

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