Mastering FaceTime: Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Video Calling Experience

By: Editorial Team

FaceTime lets people make video and voice calls online. It is popular among Apple device users and works both on mobile gadgets and computers. The feature works from anywhere as long as there is internet. The main problems with using FaceTime are poor network speed and low video quality.

Users may not expect you to install lights to enhance video quality. Finding simple tricks to use during calls can help capture high-quality videos. More tricks can help keep your voice clarity good and avoid disconnected calls due to poor Wi-Fi. 

Finding a comfortable place

You may experience enhanced video calling time by identifying the best place to sit. Some people may choose to sit in their bedroom or video call while multitasking in the kitchen. This will not give a good video background and voice quality. If the weather allows, sitting outdoors can be a better solution. Avoid moving about by choosing a comfortable place to sit and remain seated throughout the conversation.

Consider lighting

You don’t need to buy movie lights to look great on video calls. If very necessary, you may consider this option. However, you need to learn different tricks about how to look good on FaceTime. Natural light is good and will serve the purpose. If you choose to sit indoors, sit with your back facing against the window. Open the curtains wide and you will be good to go.

Facetime works on both iPhone and MacBook but users need to understand how to use it. It starts by setting up the feature before you begin to make and receive video or voice calls. Before you set up FaceTime on Mac, ensure it is the latest version. Check online for the current version or update the one in the operating systems. FOR facetime on MacBook, Open settings and activate the tool once it gets updated. It is easy to use the feature and connect with people around the world. Now let’s cover facetime on MacBook. For that, open the app on iPhone or MacBook and add the number of the person to call. Tap on the video or voice call icon to start conversations. Make enhancements to the tool to improve both video and voice quality. The app is excellent not only for connecting friends and family but also for making business deals.

Enhance image quality by making camera adjustments

Improving video call camera settings can be excellent to improve your FaceTime video call experience. FaceTime uses your gadget’s camera and the following tricks can help achieve better videos.

  • Tap or click on Portrait mode. It creates a blurred background and keeps all focus on you. Just tap on the tile while on Facetime and turn on the feature.
  • Adjust iPhone camera settings. Opening settings and scrolling down to Camera lets you adjust settings. Choose Formats and then video mode and choose the highest resolution.
  • If you are using a Mac, open the System Settings under the Apple menu. Scroll down to Privacy and Security and then choose Camera. Make all the necessary adjustments.

Enhance quality with an external video call camera

An external camera for video calls is connected to a computer or phone to enhance video quality. It is easy to plug it in via USB and install its firmware. It increases video range and sharpness. There are different camera qualities you can check in the market to choose the best quality. Whether you want to use a gadget’s built-in camera or an external one, it is important to clean the lenses.

Take care of internet connection

Poor internet strength could cause video calls to break and lead to inconsistencies. It is best to avoid buffering during video calls because you could lose the connection. Poor network signal could cause videos to appear blurred. Choose the best times of the week or day when internet connection is best. Using a different provider or changing the router might help enhance the connection. You might want to sit closer to the router to get the best quality.

Adjust FaceTime filters

FaceTime filters give you a different appearance. Adjust FaceTime filters before calling to add stickers or change video effects. For instance, change your face to black and white or adopt an emoji. You may adjust to create different surroundings. Other settings include sound isolation of background sounds to get a clearer voice. The person on the other end might know you have adjusted the filters but you will look great.


FaceTime allows you to connect with friends and clients on video and voice calls from any location. You don’t have to create a great background with professional lighting and cameras. There are tricks to use to enhance video and call quality every time you make calls on FaceTime. Adjust camera settings and clean the lenses. Sit outdoors if the weather is favorable or next to a large window to leverage natural light. Find a comfortable place and ensure the internet connection is strong.