What Is A DRM Reset

Backing up your data, factory reset and DRM reset are all options that can be found in Reset under settings. In this post, we talk about DRM reset. What it does and when you should do a DRM reset.

What Is A DRM Reset and What Does It Do

DRM license short for Digital Rights Management license allows for the secure distribution and downloads of digital content on your smartphone.

DRMs are either automatically downloaded or sent when you purchase copy-protected digital products such as eBooks, music, videos, etc. online. In other words, DRM licenses are needed to decrypt the digital products before you can use them.

You need a DRM license to access purchased digital products. A DRM reset is wiping DRM licenses that have been downloaded on your smartphone.

This prevents someone else from using your purchased digital products. You also have to perform a DRM reset and a factory reset when you plan on selling your smartphone.

What Is The Difference Between DRM Reset And Factory Reset

A DRM reset wipes DRM licenses that are stored on your smartphone. A factory reset wipes almost everything on your smartphone from user apps, user data, DRM licenses etc. Performing a DRM reset will leave the rest of your files intact.

What Happens When You Delete DRM License

You won’t be able to access your purchased digital products. You have to download them again if you want to have access to your digital products. The only reason you might want to delete your DRM license is when you looking to sell or give away your smartphone. That way a malicious person won’t misuse your data.

How To Perform A DRM Reset on Android or Apple iPhone

Here’s how you can perform a DRM reset in a Samsung Smartphone:

  1. Go To Settings
  2. General Management
  3. Reset
  4. DRM Reset
  5. Tap Reset and Delete All

Other Android Smartphones

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Back up & Reset
  3. DRM Reset
  4. Click OK When Asked To continue

For Apple iPhones

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Go To General
  3. Go To Reset
  4. Click on DRM Reset
  5. Click OK When Asked To Continue

Final Thoughts

A DRM reset basically wipes all the DRM licenses on your smartphone. By doing so you or any other person won’t have access to purchased digital products.

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