Is Inkjet Or Laser Printers Better For Stickers in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

Inkjet vs laser printer for sticks? There are two main kind of printers, inkjet and laser An inkjet works by basically spraying electronically charged ink onto paper.

Laser printing reproduces information through the use of a focused beam to transfer text on paper.

If you are into sticker printing, we want to help you be informed about which one of these is better for your crafts.

Which Is Better For Printing Stickers?

If you are going to be creating stickers that have lots of colours and detail, the inkjet printer is recommended, since it is able to reproduce much higher print resolution and more accurate colours.

Whereas if your stickers are going to have a lot of text in them, it is advisable to use the laser printer, since text comes out crisper with a much higher resolution.

One advantage of the laser over inkjet is faster printing time. The main advantage inkjet has over laser is the color depth.

Is Inkjet Or Laser Better For Crafts?

Both Inkjet and Laser have specialised loads where one performs better than the other, this does not make the other bad, it just means they are better suited for a different kind of print craft.

Most people prefer to use inkjet over laser because of the following reasons:

  • High print resolution
  • Color depth
  • Inkjets are more affordable

People prefer laser over inkjet for the following reasons:

  • Laser prints much faster.
  • Produce crisper texts than inkjet
  • The toners used last much longer

Both of these printer types have a solid feature list as they both rely on their strengths.

If you are willing to go the extra mile and produce high-quality stickers and such for your clients and potential customers, it’s important to have both these printers for large scale production.

Do You Need A Special Printer For Stickers?

To keep this simple, the answer is yes. Every printer has a specialisation, and a specific type of sheet it accepts for particular workloads.

There are different classifications of stickers, and some of these would require the printer’s unique sheets in order to print out the stickers properly.

If the required papers are not used, it could cause certain components to malfunction.

Is Laser Printer Good For Stickers?

Yes. A laser printer can be used for printing out stickers, especially in large quantities since it does that at a much quicker rate as compared to the inkjet.

Laser vs Inkjet Printer For Stickers

Both of these devices can print effortlessly, but you need to keep in mind that the compatibility of the paper used would determine how clean the end result would be.

This is especially important because using an inkjet compatible label in a laser printer would melt the paper and cause serious damage to the internals.