Is Cricut Compatible With a Chromebook in 2024?

By: Editorial Team

Chromebooks are quite popular devices. Cricut is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

But is Cricut compatible with a Chromebook? The answer isn’t straightforward.

Is Cricut Compatible Chromebook?

Yes and no.

No, because Chromebook isn’t listed as one of the compatible devices in the Cricut system requirements.

Yes, because you can get download the Cricut Design Space on a Chromebook.

ChromeOS is a Linux-based operating system that is not supported by Linux. Downloading Cricut on Chromebook straightforward will not work.

Can My Chromebook Run Cricut Design Space?

Your Chromebook has to meet the minimum system requirements below to run Cricut Design Space:

  • Intel dual processors, AMD equivalent or M1 processors
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2GB free disk space
  • USD port or Bluetooth connection
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024px by 768px

Powerful Chromebooks can run Cricut Design Space without any problems.

How Do I Get My Cricut To Work On My Chromebook?

To get Cricut on a Chromebook. Check if the Chromebook supports Google Play Store.

You can find Chromebooks that support Google Play Store here.

You can install android apps on a Chromebook if it belongs on that list.

  • Search for Cricut Design Space in the Google Play Store app.
  • Download and install the Cricut Design Space app.
  • You can now use Cricut on a Chromebook.

What To Do if Cricut is Not Working on Chromebook?

There is a chance running Cricut Design Space on a Chromebook might not work.

Connecting a Chromebook to a Cricut Explore Air or Maker might be unsuccessful.

Because downloading and running Cricut Design Space on a Chromebook is not recommended by Cricut.

There will be a lack of support from Cricut when you experience problems with Chromebook.

The best solution is to get a compatible device recommended by Cricut.

Laptops are the best and recommended devices for running Cricut.

The other solution to these problems is to design on Chromebook and transfer the files to your smartphone.