What is MnK on Console? Everything You Need To Know

By: Editorial Team

What is MnK on console and is MnK on console cheating?

Here’s a short guide that covers everything about MnK on console and why others consider it cheating or not.

What Is Mnk On Console?

MnK on console short for mouse and keyboard on console which means using a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller on console.

MnK is an alternative controller method that some gamers frown upon because it’s considered as cheating.

There are a few ways in which you can use MnK console: using an input adapter e.g., XIM or plugging it directly to the console (the game has to support MnK).

Is MnK On Console Cheating?

Yes, if you play games that have rules against MnK. Some gamers do not consider MnK on console cheating whilst others do even if the game doesn’t speak against it.

MnK is an alternative controller method but because movement, aim, sensitivity, etc. is far better and easier on a controller.

The user gains a massive advantage against controller users. Hence the reason why some gamers consider it ‘cheating.

Is it cheating if a joystick lets you control a plane better than using a controller?

Can You Get Banned For Using MnK On Console?

Yes, you might get banned if the game doesn’t allow MnK on console and caught.

However, it’s difficult to get banned because MnK on console is not easy to detect.

You have to monitor the player’s gameplay for months which some moderators are not ready to do.

The only way you will get caught or suspect of using MnK on console is when you reveal it to other people, game chats, or forums.

Can You Use a Mouse And Keyboard On Console?

Yes, you can input adapters such as XIM APEX, IOGear, Titan Two, etc., allowing you to connect the mouse and keyboard on console.

Also, if the game supports mouse and keyboard on console. You can directly connect these peripherals without requiring an input adapter.

How To Get Mnk On Console

So far there are only two known ways of getting MnK on console:

  1. By getting an input adapter for the console.
  2. Playing console games that supports direct plugin for mice and keyboards.

Final Thoughts

MnK on console is a heated debate on a lot of gaming forums.

Most consider it cheating whiles others do not and merely view it as an alternative input method to the controller.

Either way, MnK on console is a popular alternative controller method amongst gamers.