How To Use Your Laptop’s Screen As An Xbox Display

By: Editorial Team

Even though most people prefer using a television set with their Xbox consoles, it’s still possible, and maybe even easier, to turn the laptop’s screen into a display. These versatile electronics generally come in handy if you can’t access a television where you are or don’t possess one, so you must learn how to pair it with your Xbox. We will cover the different ways you can create such a connection and furnish you with additional information to ensure everything works smoothly. Let’s get right into it!

Reasons To Use Your Laptop As Your Xbox Monitor

You must be wondering why you should connect your Xbox to a laptop when many prefer using television sets as their Xbox display. To answer you, here are some of the reasons why your laptop can be a great alternative:

1. Easy Access

It goes unsaid that laptops are easier to access than televisions. Quality television sets are generally costlier and harder to lay hands on. On the other hand, almost every student or professional has a laptop at their disposal. This ease of access allows people without smart TVs or HDMI cables to enjoy gaming like those with them.

2. Flexibility

Laptops can easily be moved or transported from one place to the next, which can’t be said for televisions. Most households mount their TVs on walls or place them strategically on TV cabinets, making it impossible to move them around. It’s also quite risky moving one around since the risks of them falling and breaking are high, given their sizes. What happens if you want to pass the time playing an Xbox game on your verandah or bedroom? Connect your Xbox to your laptop and enjoy all the flexibility you can imagine. You also enjoy a game or two when you change locations since you can easily pack your laptop and Xbox in a bag and leave.

3. Space

Most laptops have screens of between 13 and 17 inches and are, therefore, space-friendly. The same does not apply to TVs, which can be as huge or wide as 100+ inches. Connecting your Xbox to a laptop will do the trick if you have a small room and are trying to save on space.

Ways Of Turning A Laptop’s Screen Into An Xbox Display

There are two main ways of connecting your Xbox to your laptop i.e., using an HDMI cable and wirelessly connecting it to the laptop. Let’s find out more.

1. Using An HDMI Cable

The newer generation of laptops has multi-purpose HDMI ports next to the USB ports, unlike the old ones that only came with VGA ports. HDMI cables are normally connected to these ports to bridge a connection with other devices, such as an Xbox console, for communication or data transfer. The standard connection created by the cable allows for the transmission of video and audio needed to operate your Xbox.

Before we delve into the steps needed to make this possible, you must understand a few concepts, i.e., HDMI input and output. The input sends video and audio to the output, meaning that your console’s HDMI output must be connected to the laptop’s HDMI input to display the game on the screen. It’s, therefore, clear that your laptop must have an HDMI port for such a connection to be successful. Now that you know the input and output concepts let’s see how to set up your Xbox and laptop using an HDMI cable.

Step-By-Step Process To Convert Your Laptop Into Your Xbox Console’s Monitor

  • Make sure that your Xbox is switched off. Also, remember to switch it off the right way.
  • Check your laptop for running applications or programs and close them.
  • Use an HDMI cable to connect both devices, with the input and output concepts in mind. Remember, the input side receives information while the output delivers data. Therefore, the input side is the HDMI cable should be plugged into the Xbox while the output is into the laptop.
  • Turn on the Xbox and give it time to establish a strong connection
  • Give your laptop time to establish that the console is connected via HDMI. Once it does, the games will be visible on your screen
  • Visit the Xbox dashboard to configure the system’s settings. You can set a display or resolution of your liking.
  • Play and enjoy your game.

2. Through Wireless Connection

Do you know that you do not need an HDMI cable or any cable to connect your Xbox console to a laptop? This type of connection generally comes in handy if your laptop lacks an HDMI port or you do not have an HDMI cable. Wireless connection happens via Wi-Fi, provided that your laptop and console are connected to the same network. You must also find and select the sharing tab on your laptop before changing your settings to allow other network users, i.e., your Xbox console, to use your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection.

Even with the right permissions and a common connection, you will still need to install Windows 10, meaning that this might be the right time to update your PC. This version of Windows will allow you to easily connect your Xbox and laptop without any cable requirements. Once you have it, go to the Windows store and download DirectX 1 and the Xbox App, and you will be good to go. The following are the next steps to follow:

Step-By-Step Process To Wirelessly Turn Your Laptop Into Your Xbox Monitor

  • Open the Xbox app. Unlike in the first method, your Xbox must be on and running.
  • Go to settings and select the mini-Xbox icon connection option
  • A pop-up window with the list of available devices will appear, including options such as stream, now playing, and control. Click on your Xbox device
  • Once you have selected your device, click on stream. This option allows you to start and manipulate different controls depending on your gameplay.
  • Your laptop will stay displaying images and emitting audio, just like on the first method.

These two options are proven methods for anyone interested in turning their laptops into monitors. Pick any that works for you, and enjoy your games.

Why Use The Xbox App/ Windows 10?

If you are wondering why using the Xbox app on Windows 10 to connect your Xbox to your laptop is a good idea, here are some of the reasons:

1. Excellent Graphics

Avid gamers appreciate good graphics, which explains why most people prefer pairing their consoles with TV sets with quality displays such as OLED and QLED. The good news is that Windows 10 offers access to DirectX 12 graphics, allowing DirectX 12 games to have stunning visuals and improved graphics performance, whichever gamer wants.

2. Compactness

You don’t need a keyboard or mouse to play games such as Halo or FIFA if you have the Xbox app on a compatible Windows 10 device. You can easily use your Xbox One controller on your PC and enjoy uninterrupted PC streaming. Remember, you can also choose between an Xbox One wired and wireless controller depending on the flexibility and compactness you need. This means enjoying both worlds. All you have to do is learn how to connect your controller to the Windows 10 PC or device, and you will be good to go.

Not that you will also enjoy playing with other Xbox One gamers via the controller, meaning that your gaming experience will just be as good as someone using the console.

3. Optimization

The Xbox app is optimized for Windows 10, meaning that you get first-hand information about upcoming updates and DLC directly from developers instead of depending on news outlets or game forums. You also have the option of viewing featured games, reviewing different items, and finding out if you can pair with any of your friends to play future games online.

4. Easy-To-Access Features

The Xbox app allows you to easily access everything you need regarding your Xbox by bringing them together in one place. You can connect with your friends, play different games and view different achievements, provided you have compatible Windows 10 devices. You can also try out cross-device multiplayer games and chats as you wish, despite your or your friends being away from your consoles. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Your laptop can function as your Xbox monitor is well connected. This type of connection comes in handy when no screen is available or if one aims to have more fun with the Xbox. Even though it has some of the drawbacks in the article, it is still worth trying.


1. What Should I Do If I Have Trouble Connecting My Xbox To My Laptop

Even though several issues may cause this, it is normally advisable to check the initial settings of your connection. Once fixed, your streaming issues will disappear.

2. What Do I Need To Use The Xbox App?

Some of the minimum requirements to use the Xbox app are a laptop with Windows 10 OS and at least 2 GB of RAM. You will also need a processor with a frequency of at least 1.5GHz.

3. Must My Console And Laptop Connect To The Same Home Network To Pair?

Yes. Your laptop and console are just connected to the same home network to establish a connection. This saves you from interruptions that may easily affect your gaming experience.