Rotate Your Laptop Screen Back To Normal (HP, Dell, etc) In Windows [Solved]

Your laptop screen rotated in the wrong way (upside down or sideways) is an annoying problem to have. You might think your display is faulty or there is something wrong. But, rest assured there is nothing wrong with your laptop display.

And fixing this problem is very easy to do. And wouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. Here’s how to fix a laptop screen that’s upside down or sideways.

How To Fix Upside Down Laptop Screen on HP, Dell, Acer, etc.

Here’s how to return your laptop display to normal on any laptop. Just follow the methods outlined below and you are good to go.

Method 1 – Do It Through The Display Settings

  • Right Click on your display.
  • Click on Display Settings.
display settings
Display Settings
  • In the Display Settings. Look for Orientation.
  • Under Orientation. Click the arrow and a drop-down menu will appear.
Display Settings Box
Display Settings Box
  • Choose Landscape Orientation and select Keep Changes.
  • Your display will be back to normal.

Here’s another way to access the Display Settings.

  • Press the Windows button
  • Type in Orientation into the search box
  • Click on Change the Orientation of The Display
Windows Search
Windows Search
  • Look For Orientation in the Display Settings
  • Choose Landscape and select Keep Changes.

Method 2 – Using Shortcut Keys

You can also use shortcut keys to change the orientation of your laptop display back to normal.

Press CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow Key. This will change your upside-down laptop display back to normal.

How To Fix Laptop Display Sideways

So what if your display is not upside down but has turned sideways? You can use the same methods to solve this problem.

Method 1 – Display Settings

Follow the instructions outlined before and select the Landscape orientation under Display Settings.

Method 2 – Shortcut Keys

The shortcut keys are still the same. Press CTRL + ALT + UP Arrow Key for your display to rotate back to normal.

What If Screen Rotate Shortcut Keys Don’t Work

Rest assured this can be easily fixed.

  • Press CTRL + ALT + F12
  • Intel HD Graphics box will open. Select Options and Support.
intel hd graphics options and support
Intel HD Graphics Options and Support
  • Under Manage Hot Keys click Enable.
Intel HD Graphics Manage Hot Keys
Intel HD Graphics Manage Hot Keys
  • Save Profile
  • You can now use the shortcut keys to rotate the display once again.

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