Connecting Your PS4 To A Laptop (HDMI Option)

By: Editorial Team

Are you struggling to connect your PS4 to a laptop using HDMI? You are not alone, given that the process is not as straightforward as connecting it to a TV. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an issue anymore since our article will delve deeper into this subject to help you enjoy a great gaming experience. However, before we focus on our subject of discussion, let’s first find out some of the advantages you stand to enjoy playing PS4 on your laptop’s display.

Advantages Of Connecting Your PS4 To A Laptop

Here are some of the benefits of connecting PS4 to your laptop:

1. High Refresh Rate

Your laptop’s display has a higher refresh rate than most projectors or televisions in the market. This is usually measured in Hertz (Hz) and it dictates how frequently your screen updates itself every second. A high refresh rate should be reason enough to use your laptop’s display if you don’t have a quality television.

2 Comfort

Laptops don’t take up as much space as televisions or projector screens, meaning you can sit back comfortably as you play your game. You also get to play from a closer range, saving your eyes from unnecessary strain since everything is visible with zero distortion or blurriness. Note that playing certain games from a distance can lead to headaches or nausea, which you may want to avoid.

3. Higher Resolution

The PS4 supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, making it impossible to play games past that without a quality TV or monitor. However, connecting your PS4 to a laptop through an HDMI cable allows you to enjoy higher-resolution gameplay, especially if your laptop’s display offers more than 1080P. This means that one with 4K resolution allows you to play games at a resolution of 4K, even with the PS4’s 1080p cap.  

4. Smoother Gameplay

Avid gamers prefer and enjoy smoother gameplay. This is possible on your laptop, given the screen’s higher refresh rate that ensures minimal lags whenever you press a button. Faster refresh rates are also known to remove motion blurs, meaning that you enjoy fast-paced games without any nausea or dizziness from the quick movement on your screen. This should be an incentive to use your laptop to play your PS4.

5. Color Accuracy

Who doesn’t like accurate colors when playing? Everyone does. Your computer screen (especially if you have a high-end computer) will offer you more accurate colors than 95% of display technologies on the market. If you are wondering how, remember that your computer’s monitor can bring millions of colors to life, while projectors and televisions can only handle thousands.

6. Additional Features

Your laptop has additional features such as Free Sync or G-Sync, which you can take advantage of when linked with your PS4. They will help you minimize display stuttering and tearing, mostly affecting gamers playing fast-paced games.

7. Faster Response

It is well-known that your computer’s monitor response time is way faster than a television’s. This is because these devices don’t have to process signals from several sources simultaneously before they are sent back out again. Games such as Battlefield 1 can be played easily on your laptop’s display without experiencing any lag due to this feature.

Faster response time also means that competitive gamers enjoy a millisecond advantage that they need to beat their opponents. You can now see why many avid gamers invest in high-end laptops.

8. Added Control

Do you know that you enjoy more control when you connect your PS4 to a laptop rather than a television set? This is true considering that every game has a unique set of options that allows you to tweak features such as brightness or contrast levels depending on your environment or your eye sensitivity to a range of colors. Professional gaming requires this type of control.

9. Zero Location Limitations

You can play from anywhere when you connect your laptop to a PS4 because laptops are portable and can be taken or used anywhere. You can play at home, school, or in your office, provided you have an HDMI cable to connect both devices. You don’t have to stay glued to an immovable screen to enjoy a few PS4 games.

How To Achieve A PS4-Laptop Connection Using HDMI

You can connect your PS4 to your laptop via HDMI in two main ways, i.e., via a Video Capture Card that creates an HDMI-in port for your laptop or through remote play. Let’s begin with the capture card.

Step-To-Step Guide To Connecting Your PS4 To A Laptop With Hdmi Through A Capture Card

You will need an HDMI cable, video capture card, PS4, laptop, stable internet connection, and a USB cable for this method to work. Do the following once you have these pieces of equipment:

1. Software And Drivers Installation

The first step is installing all the required software and drivers after using the USB port to connect the video card to your laptop. This connection automatically installs the drivers required for the smooth operation of the card. Ensure that you also heed any additional software requirements, or this type of connection may not perform optimally. Also, invest in a quality video capture card to get excellent graphics.

2. Use The HDMI Cable To Connect Your Laptop To The PS4

This is where you connect your PS4 and laptop using an HDMI cable. The capture card has an HDMI-in port that one end of the HDMI cable should go into, while the other should go into the PS4. You should also ensure that your video capture card is properly plugged into your laptop’s USB port if you haven’t done so.

3. Run The Software That Came With The Video Capture Card

This is where you run the software we installed in the first step. Once the application starts running, it will scan and detect your PS4 and cast it on your laptop’s screen. Feel free to choose the resolution you want from the app. We advise you to settle for the highest possible resolution to enjoy gaming.

Step-By-Step Guide To Connecting Your PS4 On Your Laptop With HDMI Via Remote Play

This is perhaps the most common way to connect a PS4 to a laptop and enjoy your favorite games. This app lets you stream different PS4 games on Windows and Mac devices. However, it requires a remote connection to your PS4. Some of the necessary equipment includes a laptop, PS4, PlayStation network account, stable internet, and a USB cable. Once you have all the requirements, here are the steps to follow:

1. Download The App

To get the Remote Play app, go to Sony’s official remote play website and settle for the version that is compatible with your laptop. The next step will depend on whether you have one or multiple consoles.

2. PS4 Update And Enabling

This next step is only necessary if you have more than one PS4 device at home. This is where you pick a favorite. We advise you to pick the secondary console. To set your primary console, go to the PlayStation network settings and then click on account management. Choose to activate as the primary PS4 option, and you will be ready. We advise you to update your PS4 to the latest version for better performance. An updated PS4 version also blends in well with Remote Play.

3. Enable Remote Play On Your PS4

The third step is to enable the remote play option on your PS4. Go to the PS4 settings, scroll down, select Remote Play Connection settings, and enable it. You don’t have to do anything if it is already running. After enabling Remote Play on your PS4, get back to the remote play app and continue the process.

4. Get Your PS4 Working From The Network

The fourth step is turning on the PS4 from the Network and the remote play app. Ensure your laptop is in rest mode while connecting to your PS4 from the laptop. This can be done from the power saving settings, helping you save power as it stops the PS4 from staying on if it isn’t being used.

5. Make Modifications

The fifth step is to create the right settings, which means making the right modifications for an immersive gaming experience. Navigate to the top left corner of the app to get the setting options. Here, you can change features such as frame rate and video resolution. Depending on your internet speed and the desired gameplay quality, set a resolution of 720P or more. Note that a Lowe resolution also helps you conserve power. Make sure that you also get the frame rate right.

6. Use A USB Cable To Connect Your Controllers

We hope you have Dualshock 4 Controllers, which you should connect to your laptop through a USB cable or Dualshock to USB adapter. To get them running, press the square and circular buttons until you get a flashing light. Once operational, plug one end of the wired cable into the laptop and wait for it to pair.

7. Perform A PS4 Search On The Network

The last step is to log into your PlayStation network, which automatically scans for the first available PS4. It will then

Disadvantages Of Connecting Your PS4 To A Laptop

Here are some of the shortcomings of a PS4 and laptop Connection:

  • Smaller Viewing Angle

The biggest laptop measures roughly 17 inches, 2 times smaller than the average gaming TV. This may be quite limiting, especially for gamers who prefer large screens. Games like FIFA are better played on bigger screens, which not even the laptop with the biggest display size can give you.

  • Shorter Playtime

Unless you have a high-end laptop, such as the newer MacBook version or a professional gaming laptop, you should be worried about the playtime duration you stand to get. This is because most laptops can only offer roughly five hours of playtime on a single charge, which may be too short for an avid gamer. It is not also advisable to leave your laptop plugged in once the battery is full as it carries a negative effect. TVs can be connected to power outlets for a long, supporting longer play durations.

  • Overheating

Gaming is quite intense, so your laptop will definitely overheat if not equipped with adequate fans or a stronger cooling system. Regular laptops may not have such facilities since they are usually meant for lighter duties such as office work or watching movies. This can be a serious limitation, especially for longer-duration gaming.


We hope that you learned something from our article. If you loved this one, then be on the lookout for our future articles.


1. Can I Connect My PS4 To My Laptop Without HDMI?

Yes. You can use Remote Play software to stream your favorite PS4 games to your laptop, saving you the need for an HDMI cable. It is a free application guaranteed to work as long as the console is connected. The only problem is that it is not usually as stable as the remote play option. You can also choose OBS.

2. Can I Play My PS4 On A Laptop Running On Windows 7?

Yes. It is possible to play your PS4 on a Windows 7- powered device, provided you follow the steps we discussed in our article. Remember, Windows 7 supports most of the software found in the latest Windows version. Install the right drivers for the video capture card, and you will be ready.

3. How Can I Power Off My PS4 When Connected To My Laptop Via Remote Play?

If your PS4 is in rest mode, hold down your controller’s PlayStation button to power it off. Do not switch it off when your PS4 is not in rest mode. You don’t have to worry if you follow all the steps discussed in our article.