8 Ways on How To Fix Printer Copying Blank Pages in 2022

So, what do I do if my HP printer is copying blank pages? Don’t worry, you didn’t get a malfunctioning one, this is a widespread issue amongst various brands.

HP seems to be the most vulnerable to this problem, but you may run into these questions anywhere.

Numerous problems can cause the issue of a printer copying blank pages, so there are various solutions you will have to try out.

While one might not work for you at all, others might solve your problem quickly. Let’s get started and discuss what you can do to fix all of this. Here’s how to solve your printer copying blank pages.

Here Are Eight Solutions To Fixing The Problem

Solution 1 – Connection Getting Lost

You have to check whether your printer is wired correctly or wirelessly connected to your laptop or PC.

This can easily be done through the device manager you have on your OS, and this is where you also access any troubleshooting processes.

printer connection lost
Check Your Printer’s Connection

You first have to find your Device Manager in your Control Panel if you have Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7, or the Printers & Scanners subsection in your Windows 10 if you prefer that.

Both will allow you to check the online/offline status of your printer and run the troubleshooting when you select it. 

In Mac, you have to search for Print & Scan by entering System Preferences. Make sure to check whether the online/offline status changes while you are printing.

For example – the device may be turned off for a second or two in the process and therefore resetting the printing queue. 

If that ends up being the case, it is either a malfunction in the device (your PC/laptop or the printer) or the drivers.

Solution 2 – Drivers

Sometimes, various operating systems cannot communicate properly with the printer.

While you should always first ensure that your cable is well connected, this is often not the problem.

More often, the problem lies in the drivers that failed to update.

Make sure to check on the manufacturer’s website what the latest drivers for your printer are and install them if you yet have not.

If you have updated your software lately and the problem is arising now, that means that the OS is for some reason not compatible for communication anymore.

This could be solved by reinstalling drivers and troubleshooting like in Solution 1.

Solution 3 – Empty, Dry Cartridges or Toner

Make sure to check in the Device Manageryour printer’s native settings app, or the interface of your printer whether a particular ink cartridge is empty.

If you haven’t used the printer in a while and it has been just sitting out there, there is also the possibility of the ink drying up, although this problem happens in inkjet printers.

empty printing cartridges
Make Sure Your Printing Cartridges or Toner is Not Empty

Most people are confused regarding this because they can print in black and white, but they forget that the colour and B&W cartridges are separate, and one can sometimes work without the other.

You could also try, if possible, to remove and reinstall the cartridges, as the printer might not recognize them.

Solution 4 – New Cartridges, New Foils

This is a rather simple solution, but maybe you have forgotten that your new cartridges come with a foil on the part where ink flows, solely for protection.

Make sure to remove it before you move on. This may be a speedy solution to the question of how to fix HP printer that prints blank pages. 

Solution 5 – Small HP Issues

Some very specific issues arise with HP printers only. So, if you’re still having the problem of your HP printer copy function not working, this might be your best shot.

Resolving Printing and Copying Issues in HP Printer
  • The first one would be resetting the printer and thoroughly reconnecting it with your PC. This is a painful process, but it may solve any connection issues that appeared in the past.
  • The second problem might be connected with ink recognition. You have to choose the Setup option in the menu on the interface of your printer. You might need to tap the arrow to move along. Now touch the Reports button and Print Quality ReportYou need to have papers and ink ready for this step. Check if the printed document is satisfactory and whether any ink blotches are missing.
  • Clean the scanning glass and the backing. This issue most often isn’t the one that causes the problems, but you can still try, especially if the printer has been sitting around for some time. Use a glass cleaner, nothing too abrasive. If you did in the past, this might be the issue. Also, turn the printer off when cleaning.
  • Do a hard reset with the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This is an app you can download directly from HPs website, and after you install it, you follow the steps on the screen. Keep in mind that this might not be compatible with any other brands or even models within HPs product line. 

Solution 6 – The Power Source

This is easily noticeable, but make sure that the printer is actually on and that the lights that should be visible are up. Sometimes the cords can be faulty, and even the outlets in the wall.

Solution 7 – The Windows 10 Spooler Service

This is a problem that occurs when your device (PC or laptop) is corrupted in some way, and you have to restore the service files on your hard disk. However, this is a pretty invasive step, so make sure you know that there are possible, irreversible consequences.

First, you have to open the Services app and double click the Print SpoolerThis is when you click Stop and then OK

Now you have to open a specific folder in Windows File Explorer (WIN logo + E) and go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERSand you might be prompter about permissions, so make sure to give them all they need to do the work.

You have to delete all of the files that exist in this folder, go back to the Servicesfind the Print Spooler, and then choose the Startup type „Automatic“then Startthen OKThis is a very good shot when it comes to the question – how to fix printer copying blank pages?

Solution 8 – Damage In The Printer

If nothing else cuts it, there must be a problem within your printer. A lot of mechanisms can start acting up after a certain amount of time, and that is why your HP printer will not copy. You will have to take it to the manufacturer’s tech support centre or a local repair shop.

Make sure to check whether you have a warranty or any other privileges in this situation.

working condition printer
Check if Your Printer Is Not Damaged Internally or Externally

It is not advised to check the printer yourself and “fix“ any issues unless you know what you are doing.

The dynamic parts of the printer can be reasonably dangerous when in movement, which is why you should never stick your hands in if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Final Thoughts

Why is my printer copying blank pages? The issue depends on each individual case.

How to fix printer copying blank pages? By following our solutions one by one, and then seeing which one works. How do I stop my printer from printing extra blank pages?

If nothing works, bringing it to a repair shop is a must.

As a lover of technology. Kelvin spends most of his tinkering with stuff and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and tech.

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