Pros and Cons of Capture Cards in 2024: Are Capture Cards Worth it?

By: Editorial Team

Do you plan on recording or live streaming your video gameplay? Capture cards make it easy to do these things especially if you have a multi-platform set-up (PC and console).

But are capture cards worth it? If you live stream and record a lot. Then, yes. Here are the pros and cons of capture cards and everything else you need to know.

What Is Capture Card Good For?

Capture cards are devices that store and convert video signal to signal a computer play or live stream. This allows you to live stream or save your gameplays on computers or consoles.

Which Capture Card is Good?

Pros of Capture Cards

Great for Older Platforms

Streaming content requires an internet connection. However, older platforms or consoles can’t connect to the internet. A capture card allows you to live stream videos on older platforms.

Reduces System Load on PC or Console

Capture cards take a large amount of load in recording and live streaming from the PC or console. Even if your PC is high-end having a capture card makes performance smoother.

High-Quality Streaming and Recording

Capture cards are meant for recording and live streaming. This ensures high-quality videos because there aren’t any other processes going on.

Video quality can reduce if your PC isn’t high-end or you have a lot of live viewers. Capture cards prevent a drop in video quality resolution whiles these are going on.

Cons of Capture Cards

No Benefit When Used For A Single Platform

Capture cards are meant to be used with 2 or more platforms. If you have a single PC then getting a capture card won’t benefit you.

For consoles, a capture card is required to stream your video gameplay.

Are Capture Cards Worth Buying?

Yes, if you plan on recording video games from many platforms. Capture cards are the easiest way to do it.

The learning curve is not steep and the installation process is short. In short, a plug-and-play device that can record, save and share videos on your PlayStation, Xbox, PC, etc.

Do Capture Cards Make A Difference?

Yes, capture cards make a difference by making it easy and fast to record, live stream, save and share video gameplay.

Are Capture Cards Good For Streaming?

Yes, capture cards are good for streaming. Capture cards have a great positive impact on video quality. This allows you to record high-resolution and live stream videos with low latency.

This increasingly becomes important if you have a lot of people watching your live streams.

Is A Capture Card Necessary For Streaming PC?

Capture cards are not necessary for streaming PC. There is other free streaming/video software that does the work of a capture card.

However, the capture card has no learning curve, records, live streams your videos and this takes a substantial amount of load from the PC or console.

This is more important when your PC isn’t quite powerful.

Streaming software adds to the load of your PC and can cause low-quality videos if your PC isn’t powerful.

elgato capture card
Elgato Capture Card Takes the Load of Your PC

Does A Capture Card Improve Performance?

Capture cards do not improve performance but rather take away a load of encoding, streaming, and recording gameplay videos. This makes your PC run smoother, not faster.

Do Capture Cards Affect PC Performance?

No, capture cards do not affect PC performance negatively or positively. Capture cards are devices that take away the processing load of encoding and recording videos.

Do Capture Cards Cause Lag?

Capture cards with USB3, PCIe, or better don’t cause lag. Capture cards with such connectors that have high data transfer speeds will cause minimal lag when used.

Do You Need A Capture Card For Youtube?

No, you don’t need a capture card for Youtube.

Will PS5 Need A Capture Card?

Yes, a PS5 requires a capture card if you plan on recording or live streaming video games. If you don’t want to use a capture card. You can live stream your video games on Twitch.

Final Thoughts

Captures cards are worth it if you live stream, record, or do both. The learning curve is not steep and it’s a plug-and-play device.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages and there is no reason to get one.