Why Is My HP Printer Always Offline? [Fixed]

Why is my HP printer always offline?

This is a question many people jump into when they buy their HP printer. Sometimes it occurs right away, and you cannot use the printer correctly, and sometimes it just appears after a certain period of time, and you don’t know how to fix it.

Today we will help you fix the problem where your HP printer randomly goes offline.

We will present you with a list of solutions that might help you, but make sure that you try each one before you decide if your printer is not working.

Here are the reasons on why does my HP printer keep going offline. And the solutions on how to get your HP Printer back online.

Solution 1 – Switch Your HP Printer From Offline To Online

In Windows, you can find this mode that you have to turn off to avoid any possible troubleshooting.

To begin with, you go to Start and then Settings. Now you enter Devices and Printers, and after that, you can go to the Printer and Scanners option.

On this list, you should find your printer and right-click it. Now you have to click the Use Printer Online button. This should answer the question of why is my HP printer saying its offline.

Solution 2 – Set Default Printer

Sometimes our PC/laptop continues to search for an eligible device because our printer isn’t set as the default option, so you can try to change that as well.

Open the Run Windows by searching for it in the Windows Start, and then type in Control Panel and click OK. You can then click the Devices and Printers.

Find your printer and check whether it has the green checkmark.

Solution 3 – Check The Drivers

Sometimes our PC/laptop cannot communicate appropriately with our printer, and this happens mostly because of updated drivers that we have yet not upgraded.

First, enter the Device Manager by searching the name on the Start panel, and then check the Printers sections. Locate your printer and right-click it, and after that, click the Update Driver button.

Solution 4 – Troubleshoot The Printer

Once again, you enter the Start menu and go to the Run section. You type in services.msc and press OK.

It would help if you now found the Print Spooler option, right-click it, and select Stop.

Now you should delete all of the files in the folder C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printer and then you go back to the Print Spooler, and you start it again.

Solution 5 – WiFi

We would suggest you go to your Taskbar, find the WiFi connection, right-click it, and Troubleshoot it.

This makes sure that we get all possible connection problems out of the way, and that we have a clean slate to work with.

Solution 6 – HP Scan Doctor

We suggest that you use the HP Print and Scan doctor, which you will have to download from the online directory.

After that, you run it, and you click Start, and then select your printer. The screen will prompt you with possible updates and settings, and the rest is pretty intuitive.

Solution 7 – Pending Documents

Once again, you have to enter the Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. Then you can right-click your printer and click See What’s Printing.

You can remove anything in the queue if there are things listed, as this can be a simple catch and the solution to your problem.

Solution 8 – Cables and Wires

If nothing else seems to work, check whether the cables and the wires work properly.

If your printer’s showing signs of life and individual LED lights are glowing, you don’t need to check the power cable, only the one that connects your printer with your computer.

This might fix your problem if your HP printer is offline.

If not, you have to right-click it and then click Set as a default printer. Then you are good to go!

Final Thoughts

How do I switch my HP printer from offline to online?

If your HP printer is connected to WiFi but offline. And you have tried all the solutions here.

You have to contact the customer care and let them help.

Sometimes the answer to the question “how do I get my HP printer back online?“ lies in things we cannot control. After all, the printer might need to be fixed as well.

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