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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 03:41 pm

Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting On My Laptop [Solved]

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If your laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi, you are not alone. Actually, most people have this issue at some point, and although it can be caused by a particular change like a new router or an updated OS, it can also appear out of nowhere.

It is a very annoying issue that could be caused by several different things, and today we’re going to present you with an ultimate list of solutions you can use to solve this problem.

Here are the solutions to why your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on your laptop.

Solution 1 – Router Strength Is Low

If your laptop WiFi keeps disconnecting, the first thing you should check is whether the router’s strength is too low for the distance between the router and the laptop.

Try moving the router around, closer if possible, and see whether this resolves the issue.

Solution 2 – Too Many People

When your laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it that WiFi is by any chance public and free, it might just be a little bit too crowded.

Try to connect to another router, possibly a private one with a private password, and see whether the issue persists. You could even try with another private network, just a different one that might be less popular.

Solution 3 – Updated Settings

If you’ve been changing the router, the laptop’s OS, or updating any of the drivers, there might be a need to reconnect the laptop to the router by “forgetting the network “and then typing the information down all over again.

Sometimes the cache doesn’t correspond with the new information (password, encryption, name) and needs to be deleted and then reconnected.

Solution 4 – Laptop Drivers Or Os Troubles

First, you should check whether there are any OS updates that you have not made. In Windows 10, you can check that by going to Settings → Update & Security. On a Mac device, you will have to go to the Apple menu symbolized by an apple, then Software Update.

Also, rethink whether your router came with any drivers and installation CDs and whether the device itself requires any additional software on your laptop.

Try to Google the name of the device and see whether anything new pops up.

There is a lot of software online, like Driver Easy, you can use to update drivers automatically. This will keep your laptop up to speed.

Solution 5 – Interference

Sometimes, the reason why our laptop randomly disconnects from WiFi is the fact that there is specific interference caused by another gadget or a gadget in the apartment above us or below us.

You should get an analyzer app that checks for interference, and then you can either look for the gadget that causes the issue or know that this is not the problem.

Solution 6 – Restart The Router And The Laptop

We know that the old “turn it off and on “route doesn’t always work, but it sometimes does. The issue can be in the fact that each device has its own cache, and it may be corrupted short-term, so a reset would be beneficial.

Make sure to wait a few minutes before you turn the devices back on, as this can help the cache empty entirely and the devices to forget about possible RAM they hold onto.

Solution 7 – Disable Power Saving Settings

Sometimes, the answer to the question “why does my laptop keep disconnecting from the internet “lies in something as simple as this.

Check whether your router has a power-saving option and turn it off. Do the same thing for the laptop. This should ensure a more reliable connection, as we’re not saving energy.

On Windows, you can do an additional step by going to the Run box, then searching or “ncpa.cpl” by typing it in and pressing Enter. Now you should find your adapter and right-click it, then click on Properties. Now you go to the Configure button and then the Power Management tab. Now you make sure the first box is not checked (the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power).

Solution 8 – The Scan Valid Interval

This is a bit of an advanced solution, but it is worth a try. You go to the Run box, type in “ncpa.cpl” and then click Enter. Now you right click your WiFi, and you click Properties, then the Configure button, and in the Advanced tab, you change the Scan Valid Interval to 120.

Give your laptop 10 minutes to adjust and see whether the issue got any better. If your WiFi adapter keeps disconnecting, proceed to the next possible solutions.

Solution 9 – Troubleshooting

Sometimes we just have to let the laptop do the work for us. If you think that your laptop loses WiFi connection because of a reason you cannot fix on your own, then go to Setting → Network & Internet → Network Troubleshooting.

Sometimes the issue resolves on its own.

Solution 10 – Turn Off The Antivirus

Sometimes antivirus software can malfunction in connection with specific drivers or settings.

Try to turn it off and then see whether this will solve the issue. If it does, you will either have to check the antivirus settings, check for updates, or come to peace with the fact that you have to turn it off while browsing.

This might be why your laptop loses WiFi connection, although it doesn’t cross our mind right away.

Solution 11 – Stop The Wifi Sense Option

Sometimes our laptop tends continuously search for a better WiFi network, and this is why the laptop dropping WiFi scheme happens over and over again.

Go to Settings → Network & Internet → WiFi → Manage WiFi Settings → Disable Connect to suggested open hotspots & Connect to networks shared by my contacts.

Solution 12 – Is The Router Okay?

If the router seems to disappear on your WiFi list, causing the disconnection, that means that it might be turning on and off. In that case, you should get it fixed and check whether it is plugged in the way it should.

If you can find yourself in the next sentence, this is probably your issue – my laptop’s WiFi keeps on disconnecting, but I can browse the internet if I use a LAN cable.

Solution 13 – Contact Your Internet Provider

So, why does my WiFi on my laptop keep disconnecting? Who knows. Try to contact the Internet provider and have them check what is wrong.

They have access to data that you can’t see, and they have to offer some help if nothing seems to be working.

Final Thoughts

We’re hoping that we answered today’s most important question, “how do I stop my laptop from disconnecting from my WiFi? “.

Try all of the solutions, and we hope that one of them will fix your issue.

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