Why Can’t I Use My Touchpad and Keyboard Simultaneously? [Answered]

There are many laptop brands, and each of these has a unique config, which disables the touchpad when the keyboard is engaged.

Apart from navigating the pointer on the display, a touchpad has other uses such as:

  • Gestures for operations like minimize, switching between apps, and even rotating desktops.
  • Opening context menus

Because of these extra functions, the touchpad has to be disabled every time the keyboard is in use, to prevent the touchpad from switching the desktop, closing the currently opened application, or totally messing up unsaved documents.

Below are the reasons why you cannot use the touchpad and keyboard simultaneously.

  • Corrupted drivers
  • Palm check

How Do I Get My Touchpad To Work While Typing?

There are a few methods to enable touchpad functionality, even when typing.

First Method

  • Open settings
  • Select Devices
  • Under Mouse and Touchpad click always on

Second Method

Some laptop brands use third-party options such as PalmCheck, to enable the use of gestures and proprietary features.

In order to solve your touchpad problems, the user is required to disable PalmCheck from your touchpad settings.

Third Method

This option requires the user to enter the Windows registry. This process is for tech-savvy individuals, who already have prior experience tinkering with their devices.

Why Can’t I Use My Trackpad And Keyboard At The Same Time?

Sometimes, the incompatibility of drivers is the reason why your trackpad and your keyboard do not work at the same time.

For example; when gaming the keys are for motion and the trackpad is for camera control.

There are a few ways to diagnose this, however.

  • Type device manager in windows search and open
  • Look for mouse and other pointing devices.
  • A submenu would open and you’ll see your driver as either elan or synaptics.
  • Right click and select properties.

From there you can choose to either roll back, disable or update the driver. Or you can use the second option for those with PalmCheck.

  • Type in search bar “regedit” and hit enter
  • Allow the app to make changes to your device and proceed
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Synaptics > SynTP  and then click on TouchPad
  • From there double-click “PalmDetectConfig”
  • For “Value Data” enter 0 into either Hexadecimal or Decimal values and click “Okay”
  • Restart computer and everything will work.

Why Can’t I Click And Type Simultaneously?

This is because of an option called click delay, which stops the mouse from activating when the keys are in use. Under normal circumstances it is a good feature but for frequent gamers, it is not.

there is one thing you could do:

  • Hit windows key+R, type “regedit”
  • go to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > PrecisionTouchPad
  • Search for “AAPThreshold” on the right part of the window and double click it or right click it and click modify.
  • Change the value from whatever it is (probably 2 or 3) to 0 and click OK. Restart you computer and it should work.

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