6 Solutions on How To Solve Why Are My GPU Fans Not Spinning in 2022

GPU fans that don’t spin might spell disaster for your PC. And it can happen to anyone with a new GPU, gaming PC or built PC.

In this article, we explain why GPU fans aren’t spinning and how to solve it.  

Potential Causes On Why GPU Fans Aren’t Spinning

There are a few reasons why GPU fans aren’t spinning or working. Here are the major causes.

Software Design

Most GPUs are designed to let their fans not spin until it hits a certain temperature. They are designed to spin when under heavy load or hit 60 degrees Celsius.

This design is also similar to that of a car radiator that starts to spin when the engine reaches a certain temperature. By doing so the GPU makes less noise when idle and increases the longevity.

Power Not Properly Plugged In

Another potential cause of your GPU fan not spinning. Check if the cable has been properly plugged in.

It has to go all the way in and be firm. Doing so makes sure enough power is properly supplied to the GPU.

A cable improperly plugged in might supply limited power to the GPU causing it to work at sub-optimal performance.

check the power cables
Check the power cables

It might also be that the cable is faulty or damaged. A bad cable might be the problem of your GPU fans not spinning. There is also the case of your PSU not providing enough to your GPU.

Faulty Graphics Card

High temperatures and not taking care of your graphics card slowly destroy it over time. Once a certain point is reached you will notice a decrease in performance, crashes, falls, bumps, etc.

But what if your graphics card is new? Then it might be that you got a lemon out of the bunch.

Driver Issues

Yes, some drivers might cause your GPU fan to stop spinning. They can also cause your GPU to crash.

GPU Might Be Dead

If you have used your GPU for a long time. It might have reached its lifespan. And the fans not working is one of the causes of a dead GPU.

The Solutions To Get Your GPU Fans To Start Spinning      

Now that you know the potential cause of your GPU fans not spinning. The next step is to solve the problem.

Test The Software Fan Design

The first thing to do is to check if the fans spin under load. MSI Afterburner is a great program that monitors your GPU’s vitals (temperature, fan speed, clock speed, etc.).

Start playing a game or subject your GPU to a stress test. Monitor the GPU temperature whilst trying to take notice of whether the fans have started to spin.

GPU Fans Not Spinning Solution

If it exceeds 70 degrees Celsius and they start to spin. Then the GPU fans work fine. But, if they don’t then you might have a problem.

Properly Plug-In or Replace The Cables

Check your cables to see if it’s properly plugged in. Also, check to see if the cables are not faulty. One way of doing so is by plugging it to a different GPU to see if it will power it.

If the cables don’t work. Replace or get a new cable and try it out with your GPU or a different one.

Check The Power Supply

High-performance GPUs suck a lot of power and if your PSU or power unit doesn’t supply enough.

Your GPU might experience some problems such as low performance, not turning on or fans not spinning.

Check the PSU to see if it’s the right power supply or it’s faulty. Also, check the cables connecting to the PC.

If the power supply isn’t the right or it’s faulty. Then you need to get a new or better power supply.

Return or Replace the GPU

Sometimes, its bad luck. Simply, return or replace the GPU if you have discovered that none of the solutions works. This is by far the best solution aside from buying a new graphics card.

Update or Rollback Graphics Drivers

A driver update might cause a malfunction in your GPU. Or it might be that the current driver is causing problems.

Simply roll back the driver and see if it solves the problem. You can also update to the latest graphics card.

Buy A New GPU

If all of the above doesn’t work. Then the last and best option is to get a new GPU. Especially if it has died or reached its lifespan.

get a new gpu
Get a new GPU

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Force My GPU Fan To Spin?

MSI Afterburner is a great software that not only allows you to overclock your GPU. But, also control the fan speed.

You can set your GPU fans to spin all the time even when the PC is idle in the settings. Creating a custom fan curve allows you to do so.  

Are GPU Fans Always Supposed to Spin?

No, GPU fans aren’t always supposed to spin. They don’t spin when the PC is turned off or not in use.

Some GPUs are also designed for fans to start spinning after reaching a certain temperature. This ensures less noise and increased lifespan of the GPU.

How Do I Fix My GPU Fan?

You can fix your GPU fan by following the solutions outlined in this article or taking it to a repairer for the fans to be replaced.

How Do I know My GPU Is Failing?

Crashes, abnormal fan noise, major performance drops, black or blue screen, screen glitches, fan not working etc. are all symptoms of a dying GPU.

Watch out for these signs so you can solve the problem quickly or get ready to replace the card.

Can You Replace GPU Fans?

Yes, you can replace the GPU fans. But, doing so may or may not void the warranty. The best course of action is to take the GPU to a certified video card manufacturer to replace the fans. 

rtx 2080 ti gpu fans
RTX 2080 Ti GPU Fans

Can GPU Work Without Fan?

A GPU fan can work without a fan. However, it’s a recipe for disaster. Because the temperature will be so high. The GPU will either crash, burn or melt. Not a good thing if that were to happen.

Final Thoughts

A GPU’s fans that don’t spin is the end for your GPU. Fortunately, we provided you with these effective and easy methods so you can solve your graphics card’s problem.

That’s it on how to solve GPU fans aren’t spinning. 

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