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Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 03:41 pm

Why Are My Headphones or Earbuds So Quiet [Solved]

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Last updated on November 7th, 2020 at 08:10 pm

Everyone likes loud headphones. However, headphones or earbuds have different volume levels because of their brand or manufacturers. But, what about your headphones that used to be loud become quiet as time went on? There might several reasons for this problem to occur.

In this article, we give you the reasons and solutions on why your headphones or earbuds are quiet.

Why Are Your Earbuds or Headphones So Quiet? Here Are A Few Causes

There might be several reasons your headphones or earbuds are suddenly quiet. But, these are the main culprits. We assume that your headphones are on max volume and are not loud.

Hearing Issue

This might be the biggest reason why you think your headphones are not loud or quiet. Long exposure to loud music and noises can negatively affect your hearing. It might get to a point that it’s not loud for you anymore even though the volume is the same.

To check if it really has something to do with your hearing, give it to a friend to check the loudness of the headphone or earbud. If he or she says it’s loud, then you might have a hearing problem. If not, then the device has a fault.

Some Headphones or Earbuds Have Low Volume

This might be another reason. Not all headphones or earbuds are made from the same manufacturer. And so there will be differences between music, sound, call quality, etc.

It might be that a headphone from that particular manufacturer has low volume although it’s a comfortable fit. There are always trade-offs when it comes to headphones and earbuds. Sometimes low volume might be one of them.

Apple AirPods

Faulty Headphone or Earbud

Drivers – the main unit – that produces sound can be faulty or damaged. This happens when the device reaches old age, fallen on the ground, water gets inside, loose wires, etc. Anything that might cause the driver to become faulty and have low volume might be the culprit.

Laptop, Phone, Headphone or Earbud Settings

Not volume control settings, but other audio settings might be the cause of your headphones being quiet.

For example, my phone doesn’t allow me to max out the volume no matter what I do. I get a warning message that says, “Your hearing will be damaged”. So to stop my android phone from doing that I had to change the settings. Once that was done, I could max out the volume.

Low Volume Headphone or Earbud Fix on Android

Also, some headphones or earbuds – wireless – have settings that automatically reduces the volume when it’s on low battery.  

Audio File

Some music or videos just have low volume no matter what you do. The only solution is to download a new different file or watch a similar video.

Faulty Device

You might have gotten the lemon of the bunch – a faulty headphone or earbud.

How To Fix Quiet Headphones or Earbuds

Now we have gone over the cause on why your headphone or earbuds might be quiet. Let’s go over solutions on how to make them loud.

Check Your Hearing

The first solution you should try is to check your hearing.

Because listening to loud music can make everything else seem quiet, visit a doctor or hospital so your ears can be checked. Doing so might actually save your hearing especially if you don’t know whether it’s deteriorating.   

Replace or Buy New Headphones

But, what if you don’t have hearing issues? Then replacing or buying a new pair of headphones or earbuds is the fastest and most effective solution.

Your device might have a fault or it got damaged during its use. You can choose to have it repaired or fixed. But getting a new one will be the best course of action to take. Unless you don’t have the budget and repairing, it is a much better solution.

Check Device Settings

Changing your phone, laptop, headphone or earbud audio settings can make the volume loud. However, audio settings differ between smartphones, headphones and earbuds.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to audio settings. So you have to read the manual or do the necessary research to correctly change them.

Place Them Correctly In Your Ear

Headphones are straightforward when it comes to using them. But for earbuds, because there are numerous shapes and sizes, you might incorrectly place them in your ear.

There are other scenarios where earbuds might not be a good fit for your ear. In this case, you either have to gently or forcibly place them into your ear.

This will let the earbuds sit correct and transfer the sound directly to your ear canal. You can also get headphones to replace them.  

Download Volume Booster Apps

The fastest solution amongst them all – volume booster app. These apps make your headphones or earbuds go in overdrive allowing them to be louder. However, these are not recommended because they put a lot of stress on the drivers and quickly wear them down.

Prolonged use of volume booster apps or software will cause the sound quality to be distorted.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Increase Apple Airpod Volume

You can change its settings via the AirPod Settings screen. The volume buttons on your phone and its slider affect your AirPod’s volume.

If you are using your First Generation AirPods, tap your AirPods then ask Siri to increase your AirPod’s volume.

If you are using your Second Generation AirPods, say “Hey Siri” then tell her to increase its volume. Make sure that you have previously set up this function.

Also, if you are wondering why one of my AirPods is quieter than the other, make sure that you have set up your AirPods equally.

How To Fix Quiet Earbuds

How Do Increase Earpod Volume

You can increase the earpod volume by increasing the volume on your phone. You can also increase it via the touch controls or buttons on the earpod. 

How To Make Headphones or Earbuds Louder

How Do I Fix Quiet Apple Headphones or Airpods

If your Apple Headphones or AirPods are still quiet, try calibrating your headphones or AirPods so that it can define its maximum volume. 

You can also follow the solutions mentioned above to solve quiet Apple Airpods.

Final Thoughts

There are several causes that might cause your headphones or earbuds to be quiet. The major causes have been explained and the solutions have been given.

Following the solutions listed here will solve your problem. And you will be back to enjoying your headphone or earbuds in no time.

That’s it on why are my headphones or earbuds so quiet.

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