What Phone Can Run Runescape?

RuneScape mobile has two versions; OSRS and RS3. OSRS stands for old school RuneScape, and it was released in the year 2018, for the select few who prefer the original gameplay mechanics.

RS3 was released in October 2019. This version not only had better graphics but also had refreshed gameplay mechanics, and introduced an all-new play style for new gamers just getting into it.

Can I Play RuneScape 3 On My Phone?

Yes. RuneScape has been adapted for mobile devices of all types. As long as your device meets the system requirements, you are sure to have a good time during your playthrough.

RuneScape Mobile System Requirements

  • Android | 8.0 or later, 2GB RAM, OpenGL ES3
  • iOS | 13 or later
  • Free storage required: 3.5GB – 5GB

RuneScape Desktop Vs Mobile

Ever since its introduction, RuneScape has been a PC only game, but with mobile being released, there are bound to be some minor differences.

The Hud, icon positions seem to have a slight redesign to suit the mobile devices.

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