What Kind Of Computer Do I Need For SolidWorks in 2022?

Computer-aided design is used by architects, engineers and those in construction.

It helps to visualize both 2D and 3D renderings, which leads to the early discovery of errors.

As a professional, you would need a workstation to render all your prototypes and simulations.

And since SolidWorks is a demanding software, we are here to answer the question, what kind of computer do I need for SolidWorks?

SolidWorks has multiple use cases. The first one is Rendering and Simulation and the other is Design and Modeling.

Each of these has slightly different workloads.

Rendering & Simulation

These tasks are multi-threaded and they can take advantage of CPUs with many cores. The ideal build would be one with an octa-core or even a deca-core processor.

A SolidWorks assembly could exhaust the resources of your system, therefore it is advisable to use a CPU with at least six cores with a frequency that is well above 2Ghz.

SolidWorks visualize uses 3D CAD data and GPU- acceleration to provide photorealistic renders and animations.

Design & Modelling

These tasks are predominantly focused on single-core performance. That is why there is a need for a high-frequency processor.

This is because that one would determine the performance of SolidWorks. Design & Modelling workloads require fewer cores, but a much higher CPU frequency rate.

Can i5 Run SolidWorks?

An intel core i5 is good for workloads consisting of smaller assemblies and simple designs.

Pairing an i5 with a substantial amount of RAM and an SSD would greatly increase speed and reduce waiting time where needed.

Can My PC Run SolidWorks?

Check if your PC meets the system requirements of SolidWorks given below:

Processor3.3 GHz or higher
RAM16 GB or more
PDM Contributor/Viewer or Electrical Schematic: 8 GB or more
GraphicsCertified cards and drivers
DrivesSSD drives recommended for optimal performance

Does SolidWorks Use CPU Or GPU?

Actually, SolidWorks uses both the CPU and the GPU, but it depends on the workload that needs to be processed.

When Rendering in visualize, SolidWorks speeds up the process by utilizing the Graphics card on specific cards.

This means the CPU does not handle all the calculations on its own. SolidWorks however, has an option to operate.

These options determine the time spent on each render.

Is AMD Or Intel Better For SolidWorks? 

Both Intel and AMD have powerful CPUs which could handle any form of calculations with ease, but they have specific things they are good at.

Intel processors are preferred for single-core loads since they have a much higher operational frequency. This is perfect for design & modelling in CAD.

AMD however, are better at rendering & simulation, since SolidWorks can take advantage of the many cores, although the frequency is slightly lower than that of intel.

In the end, either option would work splendidly with CAD work, since there’s a high core count and above-average operational frequency.

What Graphics Card Is Best For SolidWorks?

The graphics cards‘ job is to display your 3D renders on your display. During the animation, motion makes the framerate drop, and when your card is not powerful enough there’s lag.

Nvidia and AMD have graphics cards, made specifically for CAD workloads. These cards are AMD FirePro and Nvidia Quadro.

Any of these two brands would work, as long as the GPU is a midrange card at least.

A high-end graphics card would allow for high-resolution models, animation and simulations. It would also allow for a much higher framerate when working.

Can SolidWorks Run Without Graphics Card?

No, without a graphics card nothing will be displayed on your monitor or laptop. So you need a graphics card first before for the PC or laptop to work properly.

The question is can you run SolidWorks without an integrated graphics card?

Yes, since SolidWorks is a CPU and GPU bound application it would work, but it’s not advisable. You need a powerful dedicated certified GPU to properly run SolidWorks.

Will SolidWorks Run With Integrated Graphics?

Using Integrated GPU for SolidWorks would accelerate the design of simple components. But for projects with large assemblies, it would be unusable since there would be too much lag.

Can You Run SolidWorks On A Gaming PC?

Yes, you can but continuous usage would create instability and crash the application. This is because uncertified hardware would not handle data the way SolidWorks requires.

You will be better off getting a workstation that has SolidWorks certified graphic cards.

Can A Mac Run SolidWorks?

The short answer is no. This is because SolidWorks does not have a version for Apple Operating System.

Secondly, Apple does not have certified graphics cards, and graphics cards available in Macs, do not offer the level of performance required to run the application smoothly.

Do I Need An SSD For SolidWorks?

SSD has always been considered an important component whenever dealing with professional work.

In SolidWorks, the assembly is where an SSD is needed the most. If you have an enormous assembly with many different parts, a solid-state drive can save you a lot of time.

How Much RAM Do I Need For SolidWorks?

For any class of 3D rendering activity, more RAM is better.

If you are a College/University student, and you wish to run SolidWorks on your laptop or desktop, the recommended is 16GB.

SolidWorks website lists 8GB as the minimum, but large assemblies would slow operations.

For professionals, the minimum is 16GB, that is if your assemblies have less than 100 parts. The recommended is 32GB since it could handle more calculations.

Is 12 GB RAM Enough for SolidWorks?

The minimum required for SolidWorks is 8GB, therefore a pc with 12GB of ram would be more than enough for enthusiast-level workloads.

Does More RAM Help SolidWorks?

Yes, more ram boosts the performance of the computer-aided design software.

That’s it for what kind of computer do you need for SolidWorks, check out other related articles.

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