What Kind Of Computer Do I Need For Cyber-Security in 2022?

What kind of computer do I need for Cyber-Security? In order to know which computer is best for cyber security, you need to have an understanding of what it entails.

Cyber security is the application of technologies, in order to protect systems such as servers, networks from malicious electronic attacks.

Now you’re up to speed, we can move on to the kind of computers needed for cyber security.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Cyber-Security?

Cyber security has many types, and these affect the demand on the System to be used.

The minimum requirement is 8GB, for a penetration testing lab, it is advisable to have 16GB memory available, since you would definitely run a VM.

What Specs Do I Need For Cyber-Security?

The most important part about cyber-security specifications is that, you need to have a budget.

This helps determine which specifications of the PC are more important, and the one’s which would suit your needs.

We would provide you with the standard and you would determine by yourselves the one’s that fit your budget or use case.


  • 5th Gen i7 and 2nd Gen Ryzen R5/R7
  • (For Laptops) At least 6hrs battery life
  • Minimum of 8GB ram, Recommended 16GB
  • Dedicated GPU
  • SSD.
  • Good WiFi card in your desktop or laptop.

The above list is just a few things to consider when searching for your next PC for cyber-security.

Which Processor Is Best For Cyber-Security?

There are many CPUs in the market, but when dealing with cyber-security, it’s not just any processor that could be used.

There are 3 Things to consider when searching. They are Speed, Cores and Cache.

  • Single core tasks that would be parsed, are processed faster when your CPU has a higher speed.
  • When dealing with multi-tasking, a processor with many cores would help split the load, making operations much smoother.
  • Cache holds temporary instructions and data which the CPU would reuse. A larger cache means more instructions could be accepted and responded to at a much quicker rate.

Is A Mac Good For Cyber-Security?

Mac OS is a closed environment, which is based on Unix and hence it is a more difficult OS to exploit.

This allows Apple to not rely too much on third parties for a secure device.

Apple computers made in 2018 and later have been embedded with a T2 Security Chip, which delivers encrypted storage, secure boot and security for touch ID.

As a result, this makes Macs and MacBook’s great devices against cyber threats.

What Type Of Laptop Do I Need For Cyber Security?

Many laptops can be used for cyber-security. What matters is the specifications and the OS that is run by the laptop.

However, if you have decided to look at the best brands for cyber-security, a list below is provided concerning the best laptops for cyber-security(Not listed in any order).

  • Lenovo Thinkpad
  • Dell Inspiron
  • Macbook Pro
  • Asus Zenbook

Is i5 Good For Cyber Security?

Cyber-security could become intensive quite quickly, and you need a processor which can handle such tasks.

There are many generations of the Intel i5, but the more recent ones are quite powerful.

8th Gen H series or later are midrange CPUs that would definitely power through intensive tasks, as these chips are fitted with higher cache, clock speeds and turbo boost.

What Laptop Do Hackers Use?

Whenever a hacker is searching for a laptop to purchase, they consider the most important components first, before anything else.

  • CPU. Data crunching and VM operations.
  • GPU. Brute force hacking.
  • RAM. Needed for penetration testing and running multiple VMs
  • WiFi Card. Good network adapters make penetration easier.

The other components such as battery size and Hard-drive are options whereby money can be saved.


If you are getting started with cyber-security, it is important to know beforehand the devices you would need, along with their necessary specifications to make your introduction more friendly.

That’s it for what kind of computer do you need for cyber-security.

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