PC vs Console For Sims 4: Which is Better in 2022?

Is Sims better on PC or console? Well, it depends. Here’s why below:

Differences Between Sims 4 PC and Console Gameplay

Mods and Cheat Codes

Mods and cheat codes are only available in the Sims 4 PC version.

Mods are also known as custom content are what make the game more interesting even if you have completed the main storyline and it’s free.

This is one of the reasons why Sims 4 is still popular today although it was released several years ago. Mods keep the game alive.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is another example of a game with thousands of mods. When it comes to the Sims 4 console version.

There are cheat codes and mods which means that completing the storyline finishes the game and you are left with nothing else to do.


In general, using a keyboard and mouse offers better control inputs than a controller. The mouse changes everything when it comes to movement.


Consoles are somewhat more immersive than PC. In the sense that, you can easily connect it to a large high-resolution TV for the best experience.

PC, on the other hand, is less immersive because of smaller display size monitors. However, if you have a laptop you can connect to a large TV.

This has a downside because you need to sit close to the TV to use the keyboard and mouse.

To sit back and relax, you need a controller turning the laptop into a pseudo-console.

Provided you have a big display, the console provides greater immersion than PC when playing games.

Hardware Requirements

To run Sims 4 smoothly on a PC. It has to meet the minimum system requirements to do so. For console, there is nothing like system requirements.

You can run the game smoothly without any problems. Smooth gameplay on PC requires the hardware to at least meet the recommended requirements or there will be a lot of lags or freezing.

That’s why checking the system requirements for PC is important before buying or downloading the game. Fortunately, desktop PCs and laptops (to some extent) can be upgraded at an expense.

Similarities Between Sims 4 PC and Console Gameplay

Same Story Line

The main storyline is the same on PC and console. So you won’t be missing out regardless of which device you play on.

Is It Better to Play Sims on PC or Console?

This is entirely up to you. If you want something more than the main storyline then it will be better to play Sims 4 on a PC.

For more immersion and not being able to meet the system requirements – playing Sims 4 on console is better.

However, if you have the budget or your PC can handle Sims 4 – playing Sims 4 on PC is better. What about if you own both? Then you want to switch gameplay between them.

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