Is QMK Safe To Run in 2022? [Answered]

Qmk which is short for quantum mechanical keyboard, is a software which was created for keyboards, and it has an astounding number of features available for keyboard building and configuration.

QMK does not only work for keyboards but also mice and Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This makes the application even more valuable, as it brings us to the question; is QMK safe?

What Does QMK Software Do?

This software comes with lots of features beginning with simple and advanced keycodes, hardware and software, keyboard building, QMK configurator and QMk toolbox just to name a few.

In order to find out the range of uses, one has to go through the reference documentation, to explore the characteristics in full.

How Do I Run A QMK Toolbox?

QMK toolbox has different installation processes for Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Amongst these three, Windows has the simplest method to set up and run the QMK toolbox, with both Linux and Mac requiring the terminal.

Apart from the terminal, you could use the traditional procedure to configure the toolbox for your Mac.

Windows Method

You would require both the QMK Driver and Toolbox installation files before you get started.

  • Download QMK Toolbox Here.
  • Download QMK Driver Here.
  • Install the Toolbox first.
  • Install the QMk Driver next, so you can open the toolbox.
  • After both setup are complete, open the Toolbox, and find the hex file that would be installed within the search bar and hit open.
  • Connect your keyboard whilst holding the B button and spacebar, to go into configuration mode, so it could be detected by the Toolbox.


  • Open your terminal.
  • Navigate to a directory you prefer using cd.
  • Type git clone to download into a directory called qmk_firmware.
  • Use cd command to enter into qmk_firmware.
  • Enter chmod +x util/ This executes the script.


In order to get QMk to work on a Mac, you have to install homebrew first.

  • Open finder and search utilities
  • Locate terminal, right click and duplicate.
  • Rename to Terminal-Rosetta.
  • Open new terminal using Rosetta.
  • Install homebrew with the following command arch -x86_64 /bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”
  • Open the Rosetta terminal and alias brew=’/usr/local/bin/brew’
  • brew install qmk/qmk/qmk
  • qmk setup; y to all prompts

What Is QMK Toolbox?

This is a combination of flashing tools collected in a single application. The toolbox is mainly used for the configuration of features onto a device.

Final Words

QMK is an application which is quite tricky to set up but with its myriad of features, the configuration makes it worthwhile, since users could have the freedom to adjust their keyboards and devices in whichever way they prefer, and that’s awesome.

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