Does Pokemon GO Drain Battery a Lot?

By: Editorial Team

Is Pokemon GO drain phone battery a lot? Pokemon is a demanding game and might cause damage to your smartphone if the right precautions aren’t taken.

This article discusses what Pokemon GO does to your phone, how to reduce damage and battery drain.

Is Pokemon GO A Safe App?

Pokemon GO not downloaded from the official app store is harmful. Do not download Pokemon GO from untrusted websites or APKs.

There is a possibility such files might contain malware.

Is Pokemon GO Harmful?

Pokemon GO adversely affects the smartphone’s battery. Pokemon GO is a demanding game that causes high temperatures.

This is due to an increase in CPU and GPU usage when playing the game. This slowly destroys your battery.

Does Pokemon Go Destroy Your Battery?

Heat, frequent charging, and running the battery down to zero destroy the phone battery.

Demanding games push your mobile phone’s processing power to the limit. This increases the temperature of your phone to high levels slowly damaging it.

Furthermore, the game consumes a lot of battery power when running. The battery level is reduced and you have to charge it more often.

This overtime reduces the battery power capacity of your phone. Smartphones have 500 – 1000 battery charge cycles.

The more you charge the smartphone the faster the charge cycles deplete. Battery capacity is also reduced and holds less power than before.

In conclusion, Pokemon GO slowly destroys your battery. The same goes for other demanding games. High temperatures and frequent charging caused by the game damage the battery.

Why Does Pokemon GO Drain So Much Battery?

Pokemon GO is a demanding game that pushes your phone’s CPU and GPU to the limit.

In addition to high temperatures that put further strain on the battery. The game drains battery power quickly.

How Can I Play Pokémon GO Without Draining My Battery?

You can’t play Pokemon GO without draining the battery. The game will always drain the battery. You can reduce the rate at which it drains your battery. Here’s how below:

  • Reduce brightness.
  • Turn on battery-saving mode.
  • Turn on battery save in the app.
  • Close background apps.
  • Turn off the music and sound effects
  • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi. Only use Data.
  • Turn off augmented reality mode. The biggest battery drainer out of all the options.

The steps above will reduce the battery drain when playing Pokemon GO.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon GO causes high temperatures and frequent charging. The same is true for other demanding games.

This slowly destroys your battery over time. Follow the steps provided above to reduce the effects of battery damage by Pokemon GO.