Is MacBook Pro Good For Revit? [Answered]

Autodesk Revit is one of the most popular building information software for architects, structural engineers, plumbing, mechanical, etc.

The MacBook Pro is also one of the most popular laptops on the planet. What happens if you own a MacBook Pro and fall into one of these occupations or careers?

As of now, Revit isn’t supported by macOS and this is a problem. Will you sell your MacBook Pro and get a new laptop just to run Revit?

Fortunately, in this article we provide solutions to this question and touch on – is MacBook Pro good for Revit?

Revit Requirements For MacBook

You need to run Revit through VMware or Bootcamp on MacBook. Below are the system requirements your MacBook has to meet to successfully run Revit on a VM.

Revit 2020
Revit LT 2020

VMware: Recommended-Level Configuration ³
VMware Software
VMware Horizon® 6.1 or laterVMware vSphere® 6 or later
Virtual Machine Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit Windows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Pro
Host Server Recommendation
3.0 GHz+ Intel Xeon E5 or later; or AMD equivalent with SSE2 technology
384-512 GB
10 GB
~750+ IOPS Per User
NVIDIA® GRID (K260Q or later) or AMD MxGPU (Radeon Pro V340 or later)
Virtual Machine Settings
16-32 GB RAM
8 vCPUs
Disk Space
30 GB free disk space
Virtual Machine Connectivity
Internet connection for license registration and prerequisite component download.
User Access
Each client computer should have the VMware Horizon Client installed.

Does Revit Work On Macbook Pro?

No, AutoDesk Revit is not compatible with macOS making it impossible for it to work on a MacBook Pro.

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  • However, there are few alternative options or workarounds to run Revit on a MacBook.

    Virtual Machine

    Using a virtual machine is a great way to bypass the OS system requirements for Mac. A virtual machine allows you to run different operating systems on the same computer.

    VirtualBox is a great example of a virtual machine. You can install Windows through a virtual machine and run AutoDesk Revit on it.  


    Bootcamp is a utility software that allows you to switch between macOS and Windows. Autodesk Revit is supported on Bootcamp when running Windows.

    Bootcamp creates a separate partition in which you can install Windows (you need to buy or download it first) on that partition and run. From there you can install and run AutoDesk Revit.

    Remote Access

    Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix Workspace are great software that gives you access to a remote Windows system.

    You can then access the software to take advantage of Windows to install and run AutoDesk Revit.

    Can You Use Revit On Macbook Air?

    No, you can’t use Revit on MacBook Air. You can run Revit on MacBook Air through a virtual machine or BootCamp.

    But the hardware is not good enough and doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for Revit.

    You will be better off getting a powerful Windows laptop or a running Revit through a virtual machine on a MacBook Pro.

    Does Revit Work Well On Mac?

    macOS doesn’t support AutoDesk Revit. However, if you plan to run AutoDesk Revit on Mac through a virtual machine, bootcamp, or remote desktop. Then the hardware has to meet the system requirements of AutoDesk Revit.

    Revit system requirements have been divided into three categories: entry-level configuration, balanced price and performance, and large, complex models.

    Each category tells you the hardware requirements your Mac must meet to successfully run the Revit depending on the complexity of the models.

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  • MacBook Pros and iMac (Intel Core i7 or Apple M1 chip versions) have their hardware fall into the balanced price and performance category.

    Fully specced out MacBook Pros and iMacs fall into the large, complex models category.

    What Is The Best Laptop For Revit?

    Most laptops do not meet the system requirements for AutoDesk Revit. Fortunately, we have created the best laptops for Revit article that meets Revit’s system requirements.

    Why Does Revit Not Work On Mac?

    Autodesk Revit doesn’t work on Mac because it’s not supported by macOS.

    Is Revit Available For Mac?

    No, Revit isn’t available on Mac. You need a virtual machine, bootcamp, or remote windows desktop to run Revit on a Mac.

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